Sunday, December 18


I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!  Cookies in the oven and pies to bake!  Trees to be trimmed, presents to wrap with Christmas music filling the rafters!   Merry Christmas to all!!!

Thursday, December 15


6"x8" Egret  oil painting on copper.
I have been painting on copper for some time off and on. I love the feel of it. You have to put a  light coat of  underpainting  MG white (oil) but  the  glow of copper still comes thru. I was inspired to paint this after the rains that fill the grassy low lands here. Something so beautiful about a pristine white egret against the backdrop of greens, water and earth. SOLD!!

Sunday, December 4


24"x30" oil painting on canvas. Finished this morning. It was on yesterday but needed to be tweaked. This painting is a tonalist type painting. I really love the gray. It's such a foil for the lights and color. Tried to keep the color muted even tho the pinks and greens I used can be very bright.
I have another canvas on the easel and want to paint another bed. Loving painting rumples of fabric.

Thursday, December 1

Rocks on the Beach

16"x20" Oil on canvas.  Rocks on the Beach.  The rocks that wash up on the beach here are just so beautiful! People gather them, tumble them, put them in bowls to enjoy and prize the ones shaped like hearts. I collect heart rocks as do so many beach combers here. Glass and rocks, we hunt for our treasures and the ever coveted hearts!

Thursday, November 17


Pears    oil on canvas  9"x12"
I've been painting for the last couple of days. I went on Kathryn Glover's  blog ( her blog is right here if you scroll down to the right on my blog list)just to see what she was up to in her wonderful  loose painting style. She has painted beautiful yellow pears! Soft and loose and laying softly in the folds of cloth. I love it and inspired today to paint pears! Completely different style, which is fun!
Thanks Kathryn for the inspiration!  SOLD!!

Tuesday, November 15


Pique assiette Hands  4"x7" with my hand painted imagery and different colored grout. Porcelain and glass and ceramic. Vintage and antique shards. I'm loving the different colored grout, very experimental at this point!
I'm still painting and I have new hearts in the works too. Keeping busy in the studio!!

Wednesday, November 9


5"x7" oils on board. Crows! How I love them! These are new today, happily back to painting all day. A beautiful sunny day and just so fun to be in my studio at my easel. I painted crows because we have so many here, I feed them and they know there will be lots of peanuts for them. They swoop down and grab a peanut as soon as I put them down. I love to hear the flutter of their wings and with about 10 of them there is alot of fluttering!! These crows are available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria. CROW on lower left is SOLD!!

Monday, November 7


Hand,wall decor, piqueassiette. 3.5"x7".  Yes, I did say I was going to paint....I tried, I really did. Since then I have made 3 more hearts and this hand!! It's difficult to break away!! My studio is used half for painting and half for clay work and mosaic work and  with all great intensions I end up at the back of my studio adding bits of china to a form laid out! I do have sketches and that far anyway. Tomorrow....there's always tomorrow!SOLD!!

Friday, October 14


I have been missing my painting time. This painting is a part of the large painting "The Bed" that was done some time back.Working with shards has been such fun and while I love it I do miss painting. I have an idea for new still life , rose buds in small vases sort of like the pink rosebud here on along the side of my blog. They will be 5"x7 '' in size and I may make them into cards too. Lots of ideas floating about and in my sketch book too. I must get started now while the roses are still blooming. My mothers garden is full of gorgeous blooms and buds at this moment. We have about 2 months before they are cut back to rest so the time is now!!
I have some work to finish up and then on to the new!! I'm excited!

Monday, October 10

Little Hearts and Little Crosses

Hearts measure 2.5 "x2" and Crosses measure 2.5"x3.5" made on my clay base.
These are tiny piqueassiette, mosaic and make wonderful gifts. Sweet in any decor! Water sealed so that they can be hung in your garden too! These are very special shards that I found in some very old antique and vintage china dishes.Pink crystals and gold accents, one with a green bead. I love the green and pink together. Hearts and Crosses are  one of a kind and available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria and at my on line etsy shop  Green Heart at top is SOLD!!

Thursday, October 6

October Festival in Cambria!

In october in Cambria we have October Fest! Gayle has the chambers Gallery in Cambria. Her darling crow is a favorite in town. All made by her with the head made of paper mache' and painted. I think it is just precious and she has added my crow painting behind it!! Fabulous Gayle and thank you!!!

Sunday, October 2


8"x8" scalloped heart. Hand made and handpainted pieces with vintage shards and glass embellishments. The little cottage with it's red roof was inspiration for the addition of the little strawberry. Hence, the title "Strawberry Cottage"

Monday, September 26


8"x8" Heart. Mosaic,piqueassiette. Scalloped clay heart.Vintage shards, glass and hand painted imagery. Broken china cut to fit the design.
I love houses with a green roof. Many of the older homes have them, You don't see them on newer houses often. When I started this new heart I had a sweet cut out butterfly piece of china and it was my inspiration for this piece.SOLD!

Thursday, September 22


8"x8" Hearts. Finished this morning! Hand painted imagery, and tiles. Vintage shards cut to fit my design.
Yes,these hearts are available on etsy.

Monday, September 19

Little Hearts

2.5"x3.5"  Little baby hearts. Pique assiette , mosaic hearts made on my clay base. Makes a sweet gift to tuck in anywhere! antique and vintage porcelain and China with a crystal bead. The top heart is SOLD!

Wednesday, September 14


8"x8" heart. Pique assiette. I will be making new pieces for the hearts. New flowers and birds and I have lots of sketches done. I so love making these hearts, it is a process of making,painting,clipping and grouting. It is difficult to stop and change ones focus to other things!New crosses to post and small hearts! I also have paintings to complete!! Oh what a blessing to be busy!! No idle hands here!!
 You will find this heart at    SOLD!!

Sunday, September 11


Heart   8"x8" I found some wonderful broken pottery and right away set to cutting and clipping!! Wonderful pinks and my hand painted house and porcelain  pieces.Grouted and sealed with a water proof sealer so that it may be also hung in your garden. This new Heart is available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria!SOLD!

Thursday, September 8

Playing in the Surf

8"x10"  oil painting on canvas. This is after Edward Potthast . 1857-1929
I love to paint impressionism. I learned it by looking at paintings like this. Wonderful training. I love Potthast , the paintings of children at the sea shore. I painted this on an 8"x10" canvas as it was one of his favorite sizes. Mine too!

Saturday, September 3


20"x24"   oil painting still life on panel.  One of my most favorite things in the world ,cheese and crackers!! Also still life.   I started out as a still life painter and this painting was fun to paint. It was done on a panel because I just love the way the brush hits the hard surface and glides. I'm taking this painting to the Chambers Gallery today.

Friday, September 2

Meredithe's Family

24"x30" Commissioned oil painting on canvas.
 It's finished and Meredithe is coming to pick up her painting!  This was fun and a challenge to get the family in and the dock  and keep it all loose. Everything in the painting has meaning to them and it was my pleasure to make sure it captured their memories of a day at the shore.  Thank you Meredithe!!!

Wednesday, August 31


2.5"x3.5" little crosses. I have some very thin lovely old vintage and antique shards and I had fun applying them to the clay cross base. These crosses are grouted in a soft linen colored grout and are then sealed with a water proof sealer. A cross makes a lovely gift for any occasion and something special to add to your home decor. Available at my etsy shop

Sunday, August 28


2.5"x3.5" Pique assiette cross. Hand made and embellished with vintage shards of pottery and porcelain. My handpainted imagery. Grouted with a soft linen colored grout and sealed with a water proof sealer so they may be hung out side too!
I love making these little crosses, they can be tucked in anywhere and make sweet gifts.
I have put these on my etsy site The little pink cross is SOLD!

Monday, August 22


8"x8" heart. Pique assiette. Clay heart embellished with handpainting, glass,porcelain imagery,vintage pottery as broken shards. Original design. Grouted and sealed with a sealer so that they may be hung out side in your garden!! Love them inside too! This will be going on etsy this after noon.I'm running to an appointment, see you there (on etsy)!

Wednesday, August 17


8"X8" Pique assiette heart. Newest heart this morning. I have some lovely new shards and plates ready to work with. A little from here and a bit from there and help from family and friends!
I am painting. I'm working on a painting almost finished  and I will post it when done. Busy hands!!

Sunday, August 14


8"x8" Heart. Hand made and my hand painted imagery,English Bone China  floral piece of " forget me nots".  Vintage pottery and China shards cut to fit my design. Grouted with a soft linen colored grout and sealed to be water proof  in case you'd like to hang it in your garden!! I used mull berry colored broken plates and shards for this piece. There is some Chintz and majolica tucked in and about too! SOLD!!

Tuesday, August 9

Marquetry Table

I always have wondered about my love for mosaics and my facination with all the pieces fitting together to make a design. I t makes me happy to be challenged with the different sizes I clip and cut to fit. This morning I looked over at the library table my grand father had made in the 30's which is one of my prize possessions. It was always in the entry hall of my grandparents charming home. This type of work is called Marquetry, which is French for inlay work.Dating back to the 16 and 1700's. I call mosaic work Pique assiette French for "stolen plate".  My grandfather was a carpenter and in later years a contractor. He made many of these tables, during the depression as a young family man. He'd work in the ship yards and then home to his workshop to do his beautiful Marquetry.
I am so fortunate to have this table and several others he created.  This beautiful table isthe largest of his pieces and completely had made. Every piece cut and set piece by piece. Every type of wood was used. The sides, bottom, all, is covered with Marquetry.
So, I know now why I love piqueassiette and love the challenge. I think I'll go make something!


Monday, August 8


5"x10"  Bird Pique assiette New mosaiced piece this morning. Tiles, hand painted,porcelain,vintage pottery. I just LOVE making these birds!

Sunday, August 7


5"x11" pique assiette bird. Hand made fired clay base embellished with vintage shards, glass and my hand painted imagery. I've made birds in the past and I have been wanting to add some new ones to my etsy shop! I have more of them in the works as well as more hearts! these are really nice in your garden as well as home and front porch as a cheerful greeting!
This was fun to make, I love the little pieces of floral shards. Some of the shards are from old chintz plates my sister gave me. They were broken of course, they at least have to have a chip! I'm recycling!!
I have had a question as to how I hang them. Two nails, that's it!

Monday, August 1


8"x8" Heart. pique assiette.
I love the idea of "nesting". Our homes and gardens are our sanctuary and our "nest". Of course birds have it wired!

 Original design, hand made heart from clay and fired. Embellished with my hand painted and handmade imagery and tiles. Completed with vintage pottery shards cut to fit the design. Grouted with a soft linen colored grout and sealed with a water proof sealer so that it can be hung in your garden!!SOLD!

Wednesday, July 27


8"x8" Scalloped heart. Pique assiette. Hand made porcelain and pottery pieces with my hand painted imagery.Original one of a kind design. Cut to fit pottery shards. Grouted and water proof sealed to be hung in your garden if you choose.
I do have painting to get to, I'm now backed up!! I just LOVE making these hearts!! SOLD!!

Saturday, July 23


6"x6"  oil painting just finished today! I have a couple of commissions to paint and this is one. This little guy is cooling off in the surf, labs love the water don't they? So cute! This will go out as soon as it is dry. I want to get back to my hearts but first things first! Tomorrow starting the next painting and maybe squeeze in a bit of time for a heart!!

Wednesday, July 20


8"x8" pique assiette heart."Sail Away Home" Embellished with blue and white vintage shards and imagery.

Tuesday, July 19


8"x8" pique assiette Heart. Newest scalloped heart this morning.  Made on my handmade clay base.Embellished with vintage shards and glass any my hand made pieces and imagery. I love using the vintage white shards. Sealed with a water proof sealer.

Monday, July 18

Egg Separator

I do other things besides hearts and painting altho lately it doesn't seem that way!  Today is my brother in law's birthday and I made him a cake. He is a special guy and he loves white cake with  fudge frosting. Who doesn't?? Egg whites are asked for and to do that I used my beloved egg separator. My daughter, Amber, as a child many years ago, gave me this egg separator for my birthday. I did alot of baking when I had my little family and made alot of cakes. I have used it over and over again thru the years. It has broken and been repaired with Elmers glue several times. Today making this cake I am reminded of my children,family, the many cakes I've made and  my sweet daughter Amber.  Mmmmm the house is cozy with memories and a cake in the oven.

Saturday, July 16


8"x8" pique assiette heart. Glass , handmade,imagery, porcelain,pottery and vintage shards for this one. For the love of family!   SOLD!!

Thursday, July 14


8"x8" heart, pique assiette. Hand made, original design embellished with vintage pottery and hand made porcelain clay and earthen ware clay tiles and my hand painted imagery.
I must paint today!! These hearts are addictive! I love making them and this green so fun! I finally found some green pottery and between my sister, my mom and friends and a nice little second hand shop here I was able to complete this one!! This heart is SOLD!!

Monday, July 11


8"x8" heart  piqueassiette.
Newest heart just finished this morning. More fun!! Made on my clay fired base. Scalloped and embellished with hand made painted pieces and shards. Grouted with  a fine linen colored grout and sealed with a water proof sealer. I was given a wonderful piece to use for shards in blue and white (thanks Lynn) and found some gorgeous blue at a sale! Now I'm on the hunt for green!! Any body?? Seem's I'm always looking for GREEN!!
You can find this and other hearts at my etsy store.  SOLD!

Wednesday, July 6


8"x8" pique assiette heart. Mosaiced heart all hand made and embellished with vintage shards and glass and my hand made and hand painted pieces. I love all things to do with the love of home and garden and it gives me such pleasure to make these hearts . SOLD!!

Tuesday, July 5


8"x8"  Heart . Pique assiette, hand painted embellishments, decorated with vintage shards.I love the combination of  birds and flowers and garden.  Home is always on my mind and a garden is part of a home. This new heart was just finished and grouted this morning. Sealed with a water proof sealer. It can be hung out side .Available in my etsy shop.    SOLD!

Friday, July 1


8"x8" New Piqueassiette Heart. Cut and shaped vintage shards from glass and pottery. Hand made and hand painted pieces. Just finished this morning grouted and sealed with water proof sealer.
I HEART pie, cake too, may make a cake heart!!