Saturday, July 16


8"x8" pique assiette heart. Glass , handmade,imagery, porcelain,pottery and vintage shards for this one. For the love of family!   SOLD!!


liz mortimer said...

I love your hearts, i have so much china, just cant help myself at carboot sale, but i just cant smash anything! x

susan jenkins said...

Hi Liz
I know, there are some I won't smash, some I hang on my wall beause I love them. Really they are already chipped or cracked and they come from friends and family. Recycle actually!Thanks Liz,
xx Susan

vicki said...

Oh my gosh Susan- these hearts just keep getting more beautiful- I love every single one of them! They are amazing!

susan jenkins said...

Hi, Vicki!! Thank you very much as always,I'm brimming with ideas and talk about fun!!
So happy to know you love them!!

xx Susan