Friday, May 9

Colorful Raku Birdhouse

4x12 " I love to work in clay and hand building. I have my own kiln. I love the bright colors of this, the green is a luster and while the yellow is as colorful as sunshine the little pink ball I think sets it off. This was very fun to make and a real wow when I took it out of the kiln!!

Thursday, May 8

Plum and Avacado Still life

20x24 oil on canvas
I love red and green, green and pink. Compliments on the color wheel. The white ironstone pitcher is quite old, from my sisters wonderful shop years ago, "Finnie McCluer" some of you here may remember. Anyway, not a landscape as I had intended but fun!

Tuesday, May 6


Got back from my trip late last night.
So much to do today and I want to paint tomorrow! Hope I can! Can't wait to get back to it! I have some ideas for very large work in a landscape type piece. One of my students Sunday wanted to paint a landscape, quite large. It was of Big Sur, beautiful photograph. Big Sur is right up in back of me here on the Central Coast. I have been there many times and it was fun to help her with the painting and made me enthusiastic to try a landscape too. Great thing about teaching, it always inspires me. The inspiriation works both ways.She did a great job too!
I am posting a photo of Big Sur. From a 3 day trip that my girl friends and I took a while back. Such fun!What a spiritual place.
I would like to work up a small floral I think for tomorrow. I made a couple of sketches.

I spent alot of time with my daughter too, and grandson, fun!! Weather was gorgeous! Always great to be back home isn't it?

I cut a big bouquet of Rose Mary, and the house smells so wonderful! It is so uplifting!

See you tomorrow!! XO Susan