Saturday, July 10

Friday, July 9


6"x6" oil on board
I so love Koi Ponds and love to paint them. So much color in a Koi pond. Delicious!!


6"x6" oil on board
I love lily ponds. I haven't painted one for quite a while. This is one that I painted a while back but re painted the back ground yesterday. I had concentrated so much on the lily I really hadn't spent time anywhere else! So this was fun. I do love to go back into a painting and re- work and play a bit. Never know what will happen!!

Wednesday, July 7


5"x7" oil on board

Painting the Robin today I thought it would be fun to paint a close up of him. Such a beautiful bird don't you think? This painting is going to the Chambers Gallery.


6"x6" oil on board
A big fatty Robin! These colorful birds are in the warm back country here. I live a  bit too close to the ocean so I take a little getaway up Santa Rosa Creek
Road to catch a glimpse!
This painting will be going to the Chambers Gallery.

Tuesday, July 6

Happy Hen

oil on board  9"x12"
One of the clients at the Chambers Gallery here has requested a hen painting. She raises them! So interesting to talk to her, did you know you don't need to have a rooster to have a hen lay eggs? Did I know that? I don't think so, never really thought about it!!! Anyway, this is a "Happy Hen " for her!SOLD!!