Saturday, March 27


Side of the blue bird house and back sides of the blue and one of the green. Today I am sketching new ideas. Bird related or something new? Today will tell! These have been so fun to make and more clay work sounds fun!

Thursday, March 25


5" x10" Two more bird houses. Yes there is a bird peeking out of one of them ( pretend). They have roses on top and words. All pieces except the chards are hand made. I will post the backs too, I've been asked what they look like. These are weather proof, they have been sealed to protect them in the elements including water.

Wednesday, March 24


10"x5" piqueassiette . I have been working on bird houses for the last couple of weeks. I have 4 done and will post the other two tomorrow. The bird houses are first made in clay and fired then the shards are cut and applied. Then grouted. I have two more that I will post tomorrow!
The green one above the blue and white one is SOLD!