Friday, March 28

Still Life Floral Encaustic

ok, just one more floral in encaustic. 9x12 on board. Moving hot wax around is way fun!! Click on the painting for a close up! Encaustic paintings are 400.

Thursday, March 27

Floral Still life,Encaustic

9x12 encaustic on panel

Another painting using beeswax and pigments. I use a heat gun to paint with, moving it around as I add pigment. No paintbrush! Very different, but of course fun!

Wednesday, March 26

Rooster in Encaustic

9x12 encaustic on panel
Sharon Furner ( please see Sharons web site at Fine Art America)wrote to me about encaustic painting. I haven't played with encaustic for a while. Beeswax mixed with damar with pigment added. It is an ancient medium. Heat is used in some form ( I use a heat gun) to make the wax melt and allow you to paint. I thought it would be fun to put put this up for todays work.

Tuesday, March 25

Strip of Green

30x40o/c This is the finished absrtact. Took this picture out side this morning after playing around with it a little.
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Ok, fixed it!! Yay!!

Monday, March 24

New Abstract

30x40 o/c This has alot of flash back because I took the picture in the studio. Going to take another picture in the morning out side. Too late in the day and the shadows from the trees are doing a dance on the canvas! Anyway, this is different, wanted to do something in the warmer tones.