Friday, February 11


3.5"x11"  black glazed terra cotta crow. Hand built from terra cotta clay and fired. Wired for hanging.

A flying crow! Hang it on a garden gate or anywhere for that matter! It's large enough to make a statement! Crows are our friends!!

Thursday, February 10


5"x 8.5" hand painted and cut pottery shards on a hand made clay tile.

This piece in the shape of a house is one of my favorite shapes. Nature and home are my favorite subjects. Guessing that's why I love to paint still life too, the things you find in your home " be it ever so humble". This is fun out side too , weather sealed.

Wednesday, February 9


10.5"x 5"hand made clay bird embellished with colorful broken bits of pottery.

I know, it's not really a green bird. I was loving the contrast of the pinks and greens and white potterie pieces. These birds are very sweet in the garden as well as in the home. They are weather proof with a sealer.

Tuesday, February 8


8"x3"  terra cotta hand built crow with heart

Yes, more crows.I just pulled him from my kiln this morning. I love to make them, paint them, photograph them, watch them, feed them!!  This crow has a clay heart glazed in red around his neck. He is made of terra cotta clay and glazed in rich black.

Monday, February 7


8"x9"  piquetassiette shards on clay hand made heart tile.
I do love blue and white! So crisp and old world to me. I'm looking through my plates and shards now for green pieces. I want to do a green bird next! Such fun! SOLD!
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Sunday, February 6

BIRD'S and HEART Pique assiette

Birds are 5"x 10.5 Heart is 8"x9" cut potterie on hand made clay tile.

I'm back to work but this time with Piquetiassiette. I love to work with the old plate shards that I cut to fit in a decoratitive motif. Always fun and rewarding. My friends see that I have alot of old and broken pottery to work with. Some pieces I can't bare to clip! You must be ruthless I was told some years ago. you can't fall in love with your materials...oh but I do.Some of you will recognize your gifts of lovely old plates. xo
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