Tuesday, August 9

Marquetry Table

I always have wondered about my love for mosaics and my facination with all the pieces fitting together to make a design. I t makes me happy to be challenged with the different sizes I clip and cut to fit. This morning I looked over at the library table my grand father had made in the 30's which is one of my prize possessions. It was always in the entry hall of my grandparents charming home. This type of work is called Marquetry, which is French for inlay work.Dating back to the 16 and 1700's. I call mosaic work Pique assiette French for "stolen plate".  My grandfather was a carpenter and in later years a contractor. He made many of these tables, during the depression as a young family man. He'd work in the ship yards and then home to his workshop to do his beautiful Marquetry.
I am so fortunate to have this table and several others he created.  This beautiful table isthe largest of his pieces and completely had made. Every piece cut and set piece by piece. Every type of wood was used. The sides, bottom, all, is covered with Marquetry.
So, I know now why I love piqueassiette and love the challenge. I think I'll go make something!


Monday, August 8


5"x10"  Bird Pique assiette New mosaiced piece this morning. Tiles, hand painted,porcelain,vintage pottery. I just LOVE making these birds!

Sunday, August 7


5"x11" pique assiette bird. Hand made fired clay base embellished with vintage shards, glass and my hand painted imagery. I've made birds in the past and I have been wanting to add some new ones to my etsy shop! I have more of them in the works as well as more hearts! these are really nice in your garden as well as home and front porch as a cheerful greeting!
This was fun to make, I love the little pieces of floral shards. Some of the shards are from old chintz plates my sister gave me. They were broken of course, they at least have to have a chip! I'm recycling!!
I have had a question as to how I hang them. Two nails, that's it!   http://www.susanjenkinsart.etsy.com/