Saturday, March 15

Pink Lily

6x6 o/c photo with new camera TADA!! Oh I love this camera, Now I understand it, is very new! The concept is completely different. It is a Canon Power Shot. So as my daughter wrote, (she got one too), forget everything you know about the photos coming from the camera, completely new concept!!!
So between "Bill" at Staples ( who wasn't so magic after all)and my wonderful brother in law Kim 's help and my daughter Heather it is working!!! YAY!! SOLD!!!!

Good Morning!

I am going out to paint this morning,yes, finally a 6x6 ,will have it on this after noon!

All intensions were good yesterday, however,trying to get my new camera on was a frustrating entire day! Who has time for this???? I did everything it said, tried it 3 times, used every bit of techi experience I have (which is not alot) to get the computer to acknowledge the camera! Nothing!! Sooooooooo I disconnected my monitor, grabbed the camera and cd and flew off to Paso Robles to Staples to have Bill, (my new friend) fix it!!!! He did, he explained what he did and to tell you the truth I am afraid to try it for fear Bill had magic and I have , well, me.

Anyway, the camera takes dynomite pic's and it is now up to me to get them on here!!!

So off to the studio!! See you this after noon, fingers crossed that I can get my photograph on!!

XO Susan

Thursday, March 13

Abstract: No Strings Attached

30x40 oil on canvas. Just reworked this, and only could photograph a portion. New Camera just arrived!!! Wahoo!! Setting that up and hopefully figure it out by tomorrow!!

Tuesday, March 11

Piquetassiette Birdhouse side view

This is a side view of the same birdhouse. the back is done now and i just have one side to go and then grouting it. I am thinking yellow grout......??

Piquetassiette Bird House

26" birdhouse on wood. This is what I have been working on for the gallery here. In between everything else. ( click on the picture and you can see it larger.)
I love working on it and I keep it all set up in the back of the studio so I can just keep adding to it. This morning I worked on the wine medallions for Laura's Vineyard, they are firing in the kiln.
I am feeling better, thankyou so much for all of your emails. Still a cough, I hear that lingers for a while but mostly I am way better!
Going back out now to the studio, going to paint for a while!! XO Susan SOLD!

Sunday, March 9

Small Abstract

10x16 o/c I reworked the small abstract I painted a few weeks ago. It just never looked right. I left it up tho so you can see what I did if you wanted to. I used my new sage green in it too. I can hardly wait to get my new camera, this one just does not adjust for the light! So it is a little dark. Would you believe I took this out side!!!!

Sage Green

I wanted to share a color with you and you probably already know this but I had to find it the hard way! As with everything it was easy, after I knew how to do it of course!

As many of you know, I use Thaylo Green as my green. I break it down with all sorts of colors but it is my green, except for skin tone, then Chrome green is used.

I was looking at Holbien colors the other day on line and they had a grey green on there. Well, it looked like the sage green that has swept the world and I could just never master!! I thought, wow, I can buy it!!! Well.....then I thought, that looks alot like a chrome green base with black. I went out to my studio, found an old tube of chrome green and mixed it with black and white and there it was!!!!! Sage green!!

Ok, I know this is a duh to those of you who knew it, it was a breakthru for me, and I used it for the White Lotus!! Of course now I will put it in everything for a while, isn't that the way?? Ha!

Just wanted to share! XO Susan