Thursday, November 29

Cappuccino in a Green Cup

6x6 o/b 125. Oh yummmmm, I love a steamy hot cap!! A fun after noon is going to Borders books, getting a stack of magazines and a cup of cappuccino! They serve it in those big white cups!Simple pleasures!! Where is your favorite place to get a cap??SOLD!

Wednesday, November 28


6x6 o/b Still fascinated by the Koi! These are just the most beautiful fish. So graceful. I am drawn to the red and orange and yellow but they come in so many colors. Santa Barbara has beautiful Lily ponds and Koi ponds. Think I will take a little day trip!!SOLD!

Monday, November 26


6x6 o/b I painted the board red acrylic first. I really like the glow it gives under the painting. I have painted alot of the boards and will be using the red undertone for the next paintings. SOLD


6x6 o/b I have always loved lily ponds and with Koi they are beautiful and mysterious. I will be painting a series of them. Hope you like them!!