Wednesday, August 31


2.5"x3.5" little crosses. I have some very thin lovely old vintage and antique shards and I had fun applying them to the clay cross base. These crosses are grouted in a soft linen colored grout and are then sealed with a water proof sealer. A cross makes a lovely gift for any occasion and something special to add to your home decor. Available at my etsy shop


A bird in the hand said...

Very, very sweet!

xox Colette

susan jenkins said...

Hi colette, thank you!!!

xxoo Susan

LorraineYoungPottery said...

OOH!!! I love your little crosses, they look like little angels too, so cute and prmitive!!

I am happy to say I am now a followers of your adorable blog :)

susan jenkins said...

Hi Lorraine! I'm so happy that you love the crosses!! So nice of you to write and tell me!
It's wonderful to have you follow along too!!
xx Susan