Wednesday, November 17


22 1/2"x18"x5" Oil painting on canvas   SOLD!
This is one of my older  paintings( Manet) that I made into a large tote bag. It is fully lined in rose fabric. This one is made differently than the other one. All stitching is on the out side. Really having alot of fun with these!


17"x19" x5" hand painted canvas tote bag fully lined with rose fabric!

Yep, something new I'm into! Using my old paintings for bags.This was just plain fun! Starting another today!

Monday, November 15


6"x6" oil on board  SOLD!

I'm back to painting still life from life. Putting a set up together , placing a light next to it and painting the subject. I started with something simple. I wanted to paint light and shadow as a sort of practice piece.I got this little pumpkin at the farm stand and I loved the shape and color. It was fun, I felt a bit rusty but I'm happy with the result.  Tomorrow another challenge!!