Friday, July 11

Abstract Trees #6

2.5x3.5 acrylic on paper. As you can see I am having a really good time with these little abstract paintings! I have been working all day! This weekend I am going to paint something new, have to tear myself away from these abstracts, I have some little sea scapes sketched out. I have lots of ideas!! These are very fun. If you paint, try these!! Highly collectable too!! $22.00

Thursday, July 10

ACEO Abstract, Pink Trees

2.5x3.5 small ACEO painting on 140lb archival paper with high gloss varnish. 22.00+2.00 shipping. If you have any questions about any of these small paintings or wish to purchase ,please contact me at SOLD!!

ACEO abstract trees #4

2.5"x3.5" small abstract painting.Acrylic on archival 140lb paper, varnished with a high gloss.
22.00 + 2.00 shipping SOLD!!!

ACEO abstract trees # 2

2.5x3.5" small abstract of trees. Painted in acrylic on archival 140 lb paper and varnished with a high gloss varnish. 22.00 + 2.00 shipping

ACEO abstract Trees #5

2.5x3.5 small abstract of trees. Painted with acrylic on 140lb archival paper and varnished with a heavy clear gloss. 22.00 + 2.00 shipping.


Good Morning!
While I am waiting for the batterie to charge up in my camera I thought I would tell you of a movement that is afoot. I am so excited! Have you heard about ACEO's? They are very small paintings or collage, or anything in the artworks that is done in a 2.5 x3.5 format. The size of a playing card.
Originating during the Impressionist period they were called ATC's, art trading cards. Traded and collected by artists who wanted to have a sample of another artists work. Also called "pocket art."
ACEO's are "art cards editions and originals". These small cards are now being done by artists and traded and sold. The price varies depending on subjects and time involved.
I am enthralled! Loving abstracts as I do I painted several of these small pieces and am going to offer them for sale. I will be painting all kinds of subjects, some more detailed than others and priced accordingly.
I will be adding them to the blog later today and adding them to my FAA site too. I hope you like them, it is a fun and affordable way to collect art!

XO Susan

Wednesday, July 9


6x6 oil on board. I always think pears are beautiful in still life. The golden yellows and reds and oranges. I have set them against a soft grey background. I love the cool of the grey with the warm color of the pears! 125.

Tuesday, July 8

View From The Villa

18x24oil on canvas

I'm Back!


I hope you all had a great fourth! My family was here, my grand daughter Elizabeth and great grand daughter, Tilly! What fun we had. Of course all the family here to see them too. Fire works at Shammel Park with fog but it worked. Beautiful!

I am back to work this morning. Finishing up another painting for the work shop in Washington.Bev will be putting them on soon. Please go to and you can see the paintings when they are up and also all of the other workshops that will be coming.

Putting the new painting on this morning. If you want to contact

More later, XO Susan