Saturday, August 11

New Painting Tuesday

Tomorrow I am at Chambers Gallery all day and Monday a visit to Tancredi & Morgen in Carmel to drop off some new paintings. I will be painting Tuesday Morning and add the new painting then.

Until Tuesday morning!!


5x7 oil on board 125. SOLD

Tuesday, August 7

Robin's Flowers

9x12 oil on board

This painting was done in the workshop I taught yesterday at Robin's studio. We all had fun and all the paintings done by everyone were lovely. This was one of my paintings for the day so thought I would share this for todays painting. Little jars tomorrow.

Monday, August 6

New Painting Tuesday

I will have a new painting up tomorrow. Teaching an art class today.

I have some very tiny jars and I want to paint very tiny florals in them. This should be very fun! Especially with a size 8 bristle!

I will tackle that in the morning!

Have a wonderful day!