Thursday, March 11


6"x6" oil on board. They can spot their dinner from 130 feet away! Curtains for an insect of any type. They aren't fussy!

Wednesday, March 10

Spring Bloom

My friend Annette gave me plants for my birthday several months ago and this is a brand new bloom for Spring! It has rained so much and the winds have been so wild the little tag that was on it is gone! I don't know the name of this plant? Do you? Anyway, I love it and it grows beautifully in a big terra cotta pot on my deck.
I'm taking a short break from painting and spending much needed time in the garden.
The geraniums, yellow daisey's and lovely blue and violet rosemary are all taking over the yard! I Love Spring!

Tuesday, March 9

Humming Bird

6"x6" oil on board. When I was looking at photos of humming birds I was astonished at how many varieties there are. Amazing! I had such choices , the light on this one shown a beautiful lavender and I just had to paint that!
They are attracted to the color red so plant some red flowers in your spring garden! SOLD!!

Monday, March 8

Dark-eyed Junco

6"x6" oil on board. Little juncos. I paint many of these little guys because they are very popular here along the coast. I have allot of them on my deck since the squirrels keep knocking my bird seed about. They love to go along the ground and eat, they are seed eaters, so there is plenty of nourishment there for them!

Black Phoebe

6"x6" oil on board. An insect eater that prefers to nest near water. He will nest in a bird house!