Saturday, July 7


My favorite time to paint is in the morning. When it is quiet, the birds are chirping and I have had my coffee. Sun shine is a plus. My studio is out side so I have a few steps from my house to get to it. I have everything set up so I am ready to go.

Recently I have been looking at very small paintings on web sites and blogs. I love them. They are called daily paintings.I have always been a studio painter and always painted large paintings. I paint every day, but I have concentrated on these large works. I think there is something very intimate in these very small works.

Taking morning walks, I find beautiful wild flowers. I live by the ocean and there is this wonderful board walk with wild flowers growing along the path. I love to put them in different vases incorporating them with the flowers I have growing in my garden.

Now painting the smaller paintings it has become fun! The largest is 9x12. I am working my way to a smaller size! In the mean time I am posting my newest works here.