Sunday, December 4


24"x30" oil painting on canvas. Finished this morning. It was on yesterday but needed to be tweaked. This painting is a tonalist type painting. I really love the gray. It's such a foil for the lights and color. Tried to keep the color muted even tho the pinks and greens I used can be very bright.
I have another canvas on the easel and want to paint another bed. Loving painting rumples of fabric.


Tina Eudora said...

Darn silly Blogger is showing me your text but not your photo of the painting...I hate that! I know it must be lovely as I love your other paintings and I am sure this one is spectacular also!
Have a lovely Sunday evening and stay warm!
Tina xo

susan jenkins said...

Well thank you!! It is frustrating i know, but i sure do thank you for stopping by and commenting! Come back and see!!
xx Susan

dulcy said...

Oh Susan! Your paintings are sooo inspiring to me. I think this one is wonderful as well as the sea stones. Also, I love painted pairs! The shape and colors are so soft. I find Kathryn's work inspiring as well. It's gifted artists like you gals that make me want to do better and stay at it. Have a wonderful day!

susan jenkins said...

Dulcy, you are so sweet! I LOVE your beautiful rugs and bags and all of your art. It's beautiful! you inspire me too!!
I'm so happy you like my newest works, Thank you as always for your comments!!
xo Susan

vicki said...

Susan - I LOVE this - I adore this! I love the rumples, just like a bed that one would crawl into. OK - now this is my new favorite!

Merry Christmas friend~

susan jenkins said...

yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!! You are so sweet to say , hahahaha I just love it!!!
xx Susan

smiles, Sharon said...

First happy holidays to you and your family! May this next year be fun, profitable, and talent-expanding. Now on the talent end of things, you are doing fantastic work. I thought your beach rocks were a photograph at first sight!!! Ah, Susan is into realism!! But the rumpled bed and pears brought me back to, Susan, the impressionist painter with her lush brushwork and tantalizing colors. It always makes me happy when you slip back into the painting mode. The best of all worlds is that you LOVE everything you try. Sewing, mosaic, oil, why I even remember the small cards you did. So now what will 2012 bring, besides aging, LOL hugs, sharon

susan jenkins said...

Well Sharon, that was just so sweet!!! Thank you so, so much for just the nicest comment! I'm happy you love my paintings and my work, you know how much I LOVE your paintings!!!
Yep,another year. More work!!We can't wait can we??Let's make it a great year,expanding ideas. Blessings to your family too and the most special of Holidays!!