Saturday, October 6

Yellow Pepper

5x7 o/c SOLD! I love the color of peppers. The yellow pepper is bright yellow when you first look at it but then you see lovely subtle changes to deeper yellows and oranges. Beautiful.

Friday, October 5

Cranberry Raisin Pie

6x6 o/b 125. SOLD This pie is so festive for the holidays. Cranberries have just a bit of tartness and the sweetness of the raisins make it wonderful! Ice cream on this pie would be sooooo good!!

Wednesday, October 3


So wonderful to be home again. A long trip for sure. Beautiful up there in Washington and Oregon, it rained and was lovely. Great to see old friends and new. Sue gave me a new jar of her home made strawberry jam and I can't wait to open it!
Bev has darling little canvases 2x2 and 2x3, that's inches!! I am excited to paint on those! Don't know what yet, I am ruminating over that! I do know that I want to call them "Bits & Pieces". Sweet?
Barbara is now the proud owner of "Peach Pie", Thankyou Barbara!
Anyway, I do want to get some painting in this morning but my morning is rapidly dissapearing!So much to do after a week away.
I promice to get a new work on by tomorrow.
Thankyou for all of your wonderful comments about my blog!
See you tomorrow, XO Susan