Friday, October 1


16"x20"  We Won!! Vicki Greene and I entered our painting in the Chamber of Comerce Art and Wine Festival Poster Contest.Vicki is the seascape painter and I painted the vineyard and foreground. We thought it expressed Art and Wine.
 This is always a big party in Cambria with wine pouring and sampling, raffle's, dinners and party's!
Vicki and I are happy and proud to be a part of this always fun filled event.  Gayle Sewels Chambers Gallery will be a hub of celebratory fun during the festival!Come and see us in January and get a signed poster!!

Wednesday, September 29

Vegetable Stand, Santa Rosa Creek Road

A trip to the vegetable stand this morning. My friend Gayle and my sister Julie have taken a little road trip to the back country here to pick up fresh vegetables. I wasn't able to go until now as I have been away. All I was told is that the tomatoes are like candy! That was enough for me. Fresh picked tomatoes!! 5 for a dollar is what the sign said and avocados 50 cents each! It's an honour system. She has an iron piggy bank that you put your money in. When I arrived she and a worker were laying out pumpkins, all sorts, big and small, tall and squatty. I bought a tall one, beautiful! Just had to share my harvest with you!!