Saturday, April 19

Gayle's Red Wall

For the past couple of days I have been going to the Chamber's Gallery to help out with the big re- decorating! It has turned out just beautifully. If you haven't seen it you will have to take a bit of time and go. She has just done a spectacular re-vamp!.
The color is a sort of a burnt Chinese Red. Vickie Greene was in yesterday, a wonderful artist ( a former window display artist in Los Angeles) helping Gayle with displays. Gayle has a wonderful eye and it was fun for her to get another bit of input. Watching Vickie create was a real treat. I have seen pieces that I had seen in the past but in her hands and against the red wall, wow! She and I both have our work on the wall, we couldn't wait to see how it looked. Stunning! If I do say so myself!!

The other wall is going to be a sort of flesh color, very pale, a pink but not really pink. She picked large pieces of potterie from the other artists, in wonderful blues and pinks and found a pink in my large seascape that she sort of matched pieces to.
The wall is soft, compared to the red wall, a gorgeous look with all the red. Cool and calm. Linda Huggens beautiful plein aire pieces are on the wall in their quiet strength.

Paula Teplitz new pottery work is on the red wall and on tall cubes and it just pops! It belongs there. Janette Wolf has a wonderful bicycle painting, very loose and rich with the very same red color of the wall!! It is right by the door as you walk in.

Speaking of the door , instead of being red it is now a rich black! It looks like the doors in France and England and Gayles recent adventure to Ireland.
I have one of my perenial roosters hanging their to welcome guests.

Gayle has wonderful artists and their beautiful work is now displayed a new!! Come see!!

XO Susan

Thursday, April 17


24x30 oil on canvas. Abstract expressionist painting. These two paintings of the "POND" actually work well together , I didn't intend for that to happen but because I used the same pallette, pinks and greens they work well as a pair. These paintings are each priced at 1800.

Tuesday, April 15


24x30 Abstract expressionist oil painting on canvas. Yep, back to the abstracts for a while. This is an abstracted lily pond. In my favorite pinks and greens with a lovely dash of orange! 1800.

Monday, April 14


5x7 a/p Abstracted painting of trees. This is a study for a large painting I will be attempting. I am thinking I will paint it in oil altho this was done with acrylics. You get a much different look with acrylic, it is a fun medium. SOLD!

Sunday, April 13

Piquetassiette Bird House

Birdhouse 25"x5" Ok Barbara it's finished!!! Alot of handbuilding too. Birds and strawberries and all sorts of things. The perch is a small hand! I loved making it but happy to have it done! Now back to painting! XO Susan SOLD!