Saturday, February 23

Loose Floral

5x7 a/p Yes, I know, I was not going to be posting but this morning I sent several photos of these florals out on request and thought it would be fun to post another one of them on my blog.These are very loose and fun to do. Worked in acrylic on archival paper. 125.

Thursday, February 21


16x20 o/b This was loose and fun! Alot of color. This is from a photo that Bev Birdwell at Arts Desire in Vancouver Washington gave me. She gave me several from her beautiful lilly pond in her back yard. This was painted from one of those photographs, of course I exagerated it a bit!
I am leaving for a workshop in Washington next week and I have much to do before I leave. This will be my last painting until my return. I know I will be seeing alot of you at the workshop and I am so looking forward to that!
See you soon, XO Susan

Tuesday, February 19


6"x6" o/b 125. My favorite, pink and green but with the addition of a yellow rose. Click on the painting and see a close up! SOLD!

Sunday, February 17