Friday, June 18


16"x20" o/c This painting is the last in my "POPPY" series. This was fun with all the color!Sending these to Art's Desire for the workshop in October!


There isn't really a Poppy Lake, that I know of any way, more a figment of my emagination.
It's a combination of many parks and lakes I've seen and loved. Another painting to add to my Poppy series.

Thursday, June 17

Piquetassiette Bird

5"x10" wall hanging
A wonderful day yesterday on Vicki Greene's beautiful patio. We celebrated our friend Lynn Walsh's birthday with a craft day making mosaics with chips of plates and tiles. A lot of laughter and food and cake in and amongst the chipping and gluing!! Such fun to be with good friends, Happy Birthday Lynn!
I have to get back to painting today, more poppies!!SOLD!!

Tuesday, June 15


16"x20"o/c this is the second in the series of the" poppie theme". I am just having such fun with all this red!
The next two paintings will be poppies growing in fields. I will start those maybe Friday, have a busy couple of days coming up. Really don't want to stop though, this wonderful little flower has inspired me!!


16"x20" o/c I'm painting now for the workshop in Washington. I have a theme and this will be a series called "poppies". There will be four paintings all with poppies! I think themes are fun!
Next ??!!