Wednesday, December 19


4"x4" oil on canvas. 3 more to post! Love working on these small canvases. It's challenging but at the same time rewarding and fun! The blue and white bowl is an antique I've had for ever, I love it with the yellow of the pears!

Thursday, December 13


Well, I'm having fun with a new idea, for me anyway. These little mini's are just so fun! 4"x4" little wrapped cotton canvases. I have a stack to paint, lots of ideas and sketches. It's raining,perfect day to paint. First a cup of soup and back to work!

Friday, December 7


Going through my box of Christmas ornaments this morning,everyone a keepsake. The lovely old ones of my grandmother and my mother. Some what bitter sweet but wonderful memories of past Christmases with family. The special Christmas cookies my mom made every year. Decorating cookies with my children. The little ones wide eyed with wonder and excitement! Christmas is coming!! I hope you have the most wonderful Christmas EVER!!XO!

Saturday, December 1


20"x30" oil on canvas. In January many of you know, comes the Cambria Wine Festival. A big celebration of the vineyards and everyone participates. The shops offer munchies and many pour wine. This year as in many years past I will be demonstating painting at the Chambers Gallery. Always such a good time. Pam Derby of Derby Wine Estates will be pouring as she has in past events. Wine food and laughter and oh yes, Art!! Wonderful art in the gallery from local artisans who produce glass and pottery to paintings. This painting will go up with me and maybe a couple more! I hope I see you there, you'll love it! January 25th, 26th and 27th!

Wednesday, November 28

6"x6" oil on panel. Loose painting this morning. What fun! Painted from a small set up and painted with a larger brush so I couldn't tighten it up if I wanted to!

Monday, November 26


5"x7" oil on panel. I was inspired to paint this small arrangement of fresh flowers in this delightful blue vase! I love the color!

Monday, November 12


30"x40" oil on canvas. What fun! I love the Bohemian look! Color filled, birds, rustic furniture, flowers and fruit. Just a happy comfortable way of decorating and living! My daughter Heather and my friend Sharon are so inspiring with their ideas and input! Sharon said " how about a bird cage"?!! Yes, of course! Heather is painting Bohemian too! See Heather Roddy.

Monday, October 29


30"x40" oil on canvas. This painting just finished today. I used the primary palette again on this painting. I did go back in and jazz it up a bit with tube orange and a bit of Permanent Green Light with white. This is Sebastion. One of the pictures I took in Cambria of Gayles wonderful crow visitor. He is huge and just beautiful. Painting him is just fun!

Wednesday, October 24

Primary Palette

This is a test sample of mixes just from the 3 colors I used. It is really endless the colors you can make!! Try it!


oil painting 30"x40". Finished this morning.Limited Primary palette. I used the photo of the crow in the picture below in this painting. I love the crows and they do come right up and take a bite from what ever you leave out for them! They do love grapes and of course a vineyard would be a haven for a crow!!! Prussian Blue, Alizerin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow and White were the colors on my palette. I mixed all the colors from these three primarys. What fun!!! I did add a Napthol red at the end to get a good warm red for the accent on peaches,grapes and wine. Other than that just the 3 primarys with white for mixing. I like it because being a limited palette of colors it is very pigment related and economical! Takes an extra bit of time but worth the results I think. This painting has been spoken for!

Saturday, October 20


It was a wonderful trip up north to see friends and visit Cambria. I had stopped in Sacramento for my grand daughter Brittany's wedding!What fun that was, talk about seeing everyone!! Staying with my friend Sue and visiting wineries, I've slipped some of those photos in too. I stayed with Gayle of the Chambers Gallery in Cambria and took some extrordinary pictures of crows that she tends as they stop by for a drink of water, peanuts and or corn on the cob!! Wonderful! We visited Harmony one day and it was just beautiful! A new Italian Resturant is coming in! A wonderful time and now to get back to painting!! Crows are on the agenda and more vineyards!!

Sunday, October 7


New painting for Gayle at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria! I'm going up for a visit soon and I can't wait!! It will be such fun to see my sister Julie,Gayle and my dear friends! I so miss the natural beauty and the gorgeous coast line of the Central coast.
This painting is 30"x40" oil on canvas.

Tuesday, October 2

Temecula Wine Country Gallery

Nestled in the heart of the wine country here, in between wineries and vineyards sits Wine Country Gallery. They will be carrying my work and of course want all things wine related! How fun!! Of course I LOVE to paint wine bottles so I'm thrilled! Roosters too! I'm posting two of the new paintings I will be taking in. One of the large vineyard paintings recently finished will be going in too. Ballooning is very popular here. They are beautiful and beg to be painted. Dawn's husband has a balloon and takes people up for exhilarating adventures into the sky and out over the vineyards. I will be including a balloon in my next painting but staying on the ground for now!!

Wednesday, September 19


8"x10" oil on canvas. I'm waiting for a canvas delivery and so want to get back to the "vineyards" . My canvas was re routed, a bit lost!! So waiting, waiting...... In the mean time, wanting to paint, I decided to do a still life. Just a small painting in low key tones. I didn't have pears so found a photo and changed it up a bit, love the dark cool against the warm of the reds and yellows. Love still life, just love it!!

Saturday, September 8


30"x40" oil painitng on canvas. This is another large painting of a vineyard with the same idea of walking into the painting. I love the roses planted in front of the vines. This is a small vineyard, each rose bush is a different color! Lovely!

Wednesday, September 5


30"x40" oil on canvas. Newest painting finished today! I love to paint the vineyards in different ways and this painting has the feel of the viewer being a participant. The idea of approaching the vineyard is an intriging idea. It was especially fun to paint on a big canvas again!!

Monday, August 27


6"x6" oil on board. After seeing those lovely grapes and eating them too I was inspired to paint a little vineyard painting this morning. Many vineyards here and so many in Paso Robles, it is beautiful when they are blooming and leafing out, sometimes as far as the eye can see!

Sunday, August 26


My friends, Sharon and Carol live just up the street a little ways. Yesterday they popped by with these beautiful green grapes!! I didn't know whether to paint them or eat them!! I say both! They are just so sweet,( the girls and the grapes)! They have a beautiful garden, figs, red grapes and green and tomatoes, along with beautiful flowers! They have peaches and something exotic that is half of something else.Sadly the birds eat them before they can harvest! The gentleman behind me grows tomatoes too and is so generous with his bounty,
I am so fortunate to have such wonderful generous friends!! Grapes and figs right from the vines and tomatoes just picked, delicious! Thanks friends!!

Saturday, August 25


6"x6" oil painting on board. Moonstone Beach in Cambria. Have you been there? It's beautiful! It's where you go to fine the beautiful moon stone rocks that are translucent. You can't see them right off, takes a bit of knowing but when you find your treasure and hold it up to the sky there is a feeling of such elation!
Gayle at the Chambers Gallery can show you her remarkable stash and where to go to find these beautiful rocks.

Friday, August 24


6"x6" and one 8"x10" oil on board. These new ocean scapes were fun because I am loose again!! The block is over! Painting the little houses did it, freeing up. Whew, no more blocks!!!( for a while any way)! These paintings will be going to the Chambers Gallery in Cambria!!

Wednesday, August 22


6"x6" oil on board. I love the porch on this one. I would put one chair out there, something comfy. One chair. SOLITUDE!


6"x6" oil painting on board. This little painting is painted from a larger original. I love it small. It is part of the Solitude series but I've named it "Moon Glow". more to come, lots of sketches! SOLD!!

Tuesday, August 21


6"x6" oil painting on board.Painting thru the block and really enjoying painting these houses. I'm naming the series ( yes, I want to paint a series) "Solitude" being one little white house alone at the beach or in the woods. Two of my favorite places.I don't know how many houses I'll paint, sort of on a roll and not wanting
to stop!!

Sunday, August 19


New House PiqueAssiette design. Mosaic tile with hand painted pieces and imagery. All in white, very fun to make. I used vintage shards on my hand made clay tile. This piece measures 101/2"x 53/4". Porcelain, china , old crockery and glass. This house piece is available at my etsy store Back to painting, loving the house concept! More tiles coming. My mosaic pieces are also available at the Chambers gallery in Cambria!

Saturday, August 18


OK, I think I'm least my brush strokes maybe?? Geez this was one of the worst blocks I've had! My artist friends, do you get them too? Well, that's silly, I know you do. Not often I hope. no fun! We'll see how it goes from here. Getting one is one thing but having it last....yikes!! I'm loving houses right now, white ones. My new house is yellow and I'm seriously thinking of painting it white!! This is a tiny one, in the woods. Tiny painting too 6"x6" oil on canvas. I'm keeping it small for a while!!


In the mean time ( of not painting) I've been continuing my little mosaic pieces. This one is titled "Garden", love the shape of a house to work on. Still making hearts but this is a fun change! Lots of hand built pieces and painting in this one. I painted today too! will post as soon as I decide if it's postable hahahahaha!!

Monday, August 13

New painting this morning. Acrylic. 8"x10". on canvas. I might as well admit it. I'm suffering from painter's block. It has been very difficult to get a groove going. Still not there. New studio, new house, new area and I'm thrown for a loop! I did go to the Saw Dust festival in Laguna Ca. Have you been? It was so inspiring, all the artists! I thought surely that would do it, break the block! Nope,'s not forth coming. Well I'll keep at it! In the mean time I'll go water my garden........

Thursday, August 2

Ocean Scapes

3.5"x6" a/c small ocean scape 2 !!

Ocean Scapes

3.5"x6" a/c Small paintings this morning. I plan to do several of these. I'm thinking of the ocean this morning and miss seeing it every day! These little paintings are done from memorie, sketches and snipits of photographs.

Saturday, July 28

My New Friend!


I am having a delightful time with a baby rabbit that wandered into my back yard, garage and life. He seems to be an orphan but I'm sure his mama is near by. They are all over the place here and really reaking havoc with the neighbors plants! I've just planted rose bushes and geraniums and we'll see how it goes. Can they be wors than the darling plant eating deer in Cambria?? One could never grow a rose bush there!
Anyway, created this heart with this little guy as my muse!


Wednesday, July 25

A Day At The Beach

5"x7" oil on canvas  New painting , "A Day At The Beach"! 
Gayle of the Chambers Gallery in Cambria has expressed an interest in beach paintings. I Love to paint them, children playing, dogs running, ocean and sky and sand. These are fun to paint and remind me very happy times walking along the shore collecting lovely rocks and sea glass.
This painting is available through the Chambers Gallery. More to come!!

Friday, July 20

Settling In.

Well here I am, ready to go in my new studio! I am still out side, more room but still pretty cozy. New work is coming, getting some organization going. A few set backs, kiln plug broke in the move and a box of supplies is still hiding, computer crashed but all in all it was painless and very exciting! Electrician coming this morning and computer in the shop so I'll be up and running soon! I continue to have my work at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria and will be participating in the annual Wine Festival in January! Yay! New posts of new stuff coming soon!

Sunday, May 6

Still Life With Lemons

30" x 40"  Still life on Canvas.  Painted many years ago. I just found the photo. I've been packing, it seems for weeks. I'm moving. Leaving this beautiful place on the Central Coast of California for a new location in Southern California. The Temecula Valley. I do alot of work in the San Diego area and think a change will be fun and timely. Change is positive but it will be with a heavy heart full of memories that I take with me.

When I look at this painting and how my work has changed through the years I'm inspired to anticipate the work I will be doing in the future.

So, I won't be adding new work for a while. This packing thing is taking much longer than expected! I will be back when I can with new ideas explored. I can't wait!!

See you soon! I will be adding photos of pictures I come across in the meantime. Next packing, STUDIO!! That will be an adventure!!

XX Susan

Tuesday, April 3

Wild of Heart 2

9"x9" hand made  heart tile with shards of Italian tiles and broken plates grouted in a wonderful nutmeg color. This one is for me! I'm doing some decorating, painting walls in kitchen a  rich forest green! It is going to be luscious! This will look so good on the green walls just had to share!

Wednesday, March 21


31/2"x11" mosaic, piqueassiette crow.  Crow design cut from red earthenware clay and embellished with black glass and pottery shards.Piqueassiette. Wire attached for hanging with colored glass beads as adornment!
This was fun and something new using all glass. When I broke the glass it shattered into small delicate pieces, I couldn't have cut them so perfectly!Snips and cuts to shape it and it was just a fun piece to create! The glass reflects subtle color from surroundings. This may be hung in the garden as it is water sealed. Available at

Friday, March 16


81/2"x81/4" handmade mosaic heart.  Abstract heart tile with vintage shards and my hand made clay pieces. This was fun, these shards were given to me and are  from an old broken pot. I placed in a little cherub head and heart,bird and star that I had made especailly for something like this. This is a fun new design on the abstract side! You can find this heart for sale on

Monday, March 12


8"x10" oil painting on canvas.  Commission.
This is Delilah, a beautiful, rescue, former guide dog for the blind. She has been allowed to live her precious  remaining years  with Terri . Together thay have walked and searched the sands for rocks, glass and shells and have become the very closest, best of friends.

Sunday, March 11


6"x6" oil on board. These paintings are brand new, requested and reserved.

Tuesday, March 6


30"x40"   oil on canvas
New painting! Living in wine country, it seems to be my subject to paint more often than not.  I love to paint vineyards, wine bottles, a festive feeling. The residents of this tiny vineyard enjoy the view while sipping a bit of their harvest.  This painting will be available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria. SOLD!

Sunday, March 4


5"x7" oil on board. 
Rita Crow and Helen Crow attended the party too! Rita is so much more understated in her Spring floral wreath. A few field flowers, just enough she thought, while Helen, not to be out done by the lovely bonnets at the party, couldn't resist the rose buds in the ever irresistible pink, made into a lovely wreath and neck adornment.
 Rita Crow has been reserved.