Saturday, April 12

Where Does the Time go??

I haven't posted since Tuesday, I can't believe it! Well, finally the birdhouse is done, it came out just great, used a brown grout. I like to use the brown, looks like mud. Didn't get a chance to take a pic of it, will tomorrow. Was quite a job!
Alot of appointments and interruptions all week. Gayle and I did manage to go to the potter, Paula Teplitz studio in Arroyo Grande and Gayle picked up work for her gallery. I just LOVE Paulas work. She doesn't have a web site or I would put it on here for sure. Her work is just amazing to me. I have a few pieces , wonderful. This is one of her pieces, a cup, you can't see the handle, but it is really sweet. She does big things, owls ,rabbits and huge pots with paintings of wolves and elephants and anything else that she wants to do. Also fabulous hand building of women sitting in chairs with cats in their laps, it's endless! She uses engobes to paint with. High fire.
Paulas work is available at the Chambers Gallery here in Cambria. Some truely beautiful work.
Well, I am painting tomorrow! So I will have something posted in the late morning or after noon for sure! XO Susan

Tuesday, April 8

White Rooster

12x16 a/c Gayle of the Chambers Gallery likes to hang a rooster on her red door and it greets guests cheerfully when they walk in. This is the new one done this morning.185.