Thursday, September 11

SUNFLOWER wood cut

Last night our little art group visited Annie Lawrence in her gallery in Cambria. Annie is a wonderful artist and calligrapher . She introduced us to wood carving but using an entirely different material for carving with more of a rubber base.

We had so much fun and being so generous with her tools and supplies we carved for hours!
I made several pieces, some good, some not but I sure did learn alot! Vicki is a natural, made beautiful trees in the Arts and Crafts tradition.Such an artist! Gayle did wonderfully making many pieces and always amazes me and her self and Lyn did a sweet tiny landscape and we were so impressed! Pizza for dinner and so much enthusiasm in Annie's wonderful workroom.

Above is a carving of a sunflower printed on paper that Annie had done and I so loved. I begged to have it and she gave it to me! I love it! So, we are all off on another art experience!!!

OLIVES art tag

We have many olive groves in Paso Robles. Olive oil is pressed here. It is just wonderful. Along with the vinyards in a marvelous micro climate in this particular area. This tag is made from one of my paintings of "olives". Had to add a bee of course, beloved bees.

Tuesday, September 9


This is a special order. The painting of the "carrot cup cake" placed onto a tag. I love it! I will do more cup cake art tags!! What fun! SOLD!!

MERMAID art tag

mermaid art tag just fininshed. Dreamy.

FRIENDS art tag

Lots of gold and glitter !! SOLD!

Monday, September 8


5"x7" oil painting on canvas panel. Yes, still painting, and still painting "cup cakes"! This one just painted. SOLD!


art tag of pumpkins. Please click on the picture to see it enlarged. I took my pumpkin painting and made an art tag of it!! I love it! Notice the little bee in the corner. Speaking of bees, which we so love, they are back hugely in my mother's beautiful garden. YAY!

Sunday, September 7

Home art tag

Newest art tag. "HOME" I love to make the "home" art tags.
All of my tags are at the gallery. Took them down yesterday. You can see Gayle's gallery along the side of my blog, at the top right is her web site address. She just got it up and running and is busy tweeking it. SOLD! to talk to me!

PUMPKINS for Fall!

24x36 oil painting on canvas. I feel Fall in the air, a crispness. Fields of orange,laden with beautiful pumpkins, turning leaves and ohhhh the pies! SOLD!