Friday, October 14


I have been missing my painting time. This painting is a part of the large painting "The Bed" that was done some time back.Working with shards has been such fun and while I love it I do miss painting. I have an idea for new still life , rose buds in small vases sort of like the pink rosebud here on along the side of my blog. They will be 5"x7 '' in size and I may make them into cards too. Lots of ideas floating about and in my sketch book too. I must get started now while the roses are still blooming. My mothers garden is full of gorgeous blooms and buds at this moment. We have about 2 months before they are cut back to rest so the time is now!!
I have some work to finish up and then on to the new!! I'm excited!

Monday, October 10

Little Hearts and Little Crosses

Hearts measure 2.5 "x2" and Crosses measure 2.5"x3.5" made on my clay base.
These are tiny piqueassiette, mosaic and make wonderful gifts. Sweet in any decor! Water sealed so that they can be hung in your garden too! These are very special shards that I found in some very old antique and vintage china dishes.Pink crystals and gold accents, one with a green bead. I love the green and pink together. Hearts and Crosses are  one of a kind and available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria and at my on line etsy shop  Green Heart at top is SOLD!!