Saturday, September 4


7"4" handbuilt, handpainted and glazed earthenware clay.Yep, another face! Just fun!

Thursday, September 2


6"x4"x1"  sculpture,  hand built and formed,hand painted, glazed earthenware clay.
Now these are fun! In between painting I'm making these faces out of clay. These are wall hangings and can hang anywhere. I have one in my kitchen. I'm making these for Heather's Gallery , each is so different. Here's looking at you!

Tuesday, August 31

The Girls Too

6"x6" oil on board
New sheep painting, I love to paint them,  love their sweet faces.SOLD!

I am going to be in the Chambers Gallery this weekend. It is "Pinedorado Days" celebration in town and there will be a parade and food! It's a fun event, done every year and we expect crowds!! Well, we are always expectant! We will be open at 1:00 pm right after the parade.
So come and see me and share a visit! I'm looking foward to seeing you!


6"x6" oil on board
What is it about cups, bowls and vessels? I love the idea of them. Of course the practicality goes with out saying. I like them round, to hold what ever suits our fancy. They make me think of cozy things. Soup, cocoa, coffee, tea, ice cream! Here is a stack of cups, waiting for the cozy.

Sunday, August 29

Polka Dot Cups

6"x6" oil painting on board

Polka Dots, so fun! Bring back of all sorts of happy memories. I did allot of sewing when my children were small. Polka dots were popular and in all colors. I even had a beautiful dress my mother made for me with water green polka dots. It was my favorite dress in high school.
I especially love them on dishes! This painting is available on etsy.