Monday, August 22


8"x8" heart. Pique assiette. Clay heart embellished with handpainting, glass,porcelain imagery,vintage pottery as broken shards. Original design. Grouted and sealed with a sealer so that they may be hung out side in your garden!! Love them inside too! This will be going on etsy this after noon.I'm running to an appointment, see you there (on etsy)!


nathalie in Avignon said...

Susan I love your heart series and also your paintings. I'm so impressed with what you do!

As I said in my profile, I'd love to paint and photography seems the nearest to it that I can get. To me the key is composition, like it is in any form of visual art.

Thanks for your frequent visits in Avignon and kind comments, much appreciated.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Nathalie! Thank you so much. I am so impressed with your beautiful photographs and I so enjoy going to your blog and catching a glimpse of a day in Avignon.
Oh you ARE an artist!!Yes, the key is composition and you do it brilliantly and with an artists eye!
I love going to see what your newest art piece is!
xx Susan