Saturday, February 2


30x40 o/c untitled. This is my newest abstract. Taken in my studio. I got a new light. Halogen, color true that house painters used for interior work. My brother in law Kim advised me to get this. Thanks Kim!I am reborn! Lighting is everything!

I know I have left some of you cold with this painting hahaha, but it is thee most fun!

Friday, February 1


30x40 a/c I am going back to abstracts for a while, all of my work is caught up for now and I just want to play! So mornings will be spent playing!! For now anyway.

Wednesday, January 30

Wine Bottles

3"x3" The tinyiest painting I have ever done! This is on one of those little canvases I picked up several months ago. The canvas weave is very noticeable in these small works,not so sure about it. Anyway, it was a challenge! I used a #2 filbert bristle for this.

Sunday, January 27

Wine Bottles #2

16x20 o/c Started this painting Friday and finished it today. I like the light background in this for a change but people seem to like the darker backgrounds. A bit earthier I think. Two left the Gallery this weekend with brown earthy backgrounds and one in a sort of "Tuscan" dark red.Also a tiny 5x7 one of the morning paintings! Great weekend for wine bottles!!!

Wine Bottles

16x20 o/c This painting was painted Saturday in the gallery and sold at the end of the day. It was a really fun weekend , alot of people enjoying art and fine wines!


Demoing this weekend at the Chambers gallery. What fun we had, not over yet, today too.
Fun to see so many of you there and fun too to see alot of the wonderful artists that are in the gallery.
Many of Cambria's artists out painting for the Wine Festival and the weather couldn't have been nicer! The rain stopped and the sun came out!
Pam Derby owner of Laura's Vinyard in Paso Robles was pouring her wonderful wines in the Gallery on Saturday and Lynn Walsh, owner of the Cambria Coffee Roasting Co kept us supplied with coffee!
Lots of visiting and laughter and the friendliest people visiting Cambria. Some for the first time!

Lynn would like to have classes above her Coffee shop and if you have been up there it is really cute. Deck looks out over the town. Thankyou Lynn!! I am looking at that for this summer if you are interested let me know.

Today looks like a very blustery day but I will be back in the gallery painting so come and see us!! XO Susan