Friday, August 17

New Still Life Oil Painting on later today, hopefully.

This morning my light stand fell over when I was arranging a new still life! Kablooy! It is just as well really, I have had it for ever and it had a short in the plug and would go on and off on a whim. Not good when you are concentrating on a paticular area or any area for that matter!

The lighting is so important and in recent weeks it would no longer take a 100 watt "spot" which is what I have always used. So I have been painting in what I consider low light. Those of you who have been to my studio know that sometimes I refer to it as "the cave", hahaha. Not much light in there.I really like strong darks and lights. You get a sort of moody look to your work in low light which is nice that also comes with the gray backgrounds I have been using which I really love! Who knows, maybe Iwill go back to the lower wattage or maybe get my glasses strenghtened!

I t was actually an accident waiting to happen and not the safest of lights. So as I said it is a good thing. Living where I do, out in the hinterlands I must take a trip to the city to get a new stand and a couple of spot lights. I will try to get a new painting up this after noon so I can get in some painting time in today.

Until then!! XO Susan

Wednesday, August 15

Tiny Vase in blue and white

5x7 oil on board SOLD

If you look closely you will see a tiny little gnat on the little bud! The photo was taken out side,how appropiate!! The tiny vase belonged to Gayle at Chambers gallery. Perfect for little bouquets!!


For those of you that are decorating your homes and looking for wonderful new ideas I wanted to share this magazine with you. I love the website and I take the magazine. Domino Magazine is full of wonderful information. Alot of energy. New paint color , upholstery fabric, current trends. Being a painter I love the "current trends" part. I love the blogs too. They are fun and inspiring and full of information. I especially love the blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things,, she loves pink as do I. So much color!

Whether you are an artist and or decorating your home or just want to be inspired check it out!

XO Susan

Wonderful Review

I was so pleased to see a review of my work from It was written by Dan. He called my work delicious! How fun!! It is shown under "reviews".

Thankyou Dan!

Tuesday, August 14

Sue's Strawberry Jam

5x7 oil on board SOLD

When I go to Washington, Arts Desire, to teach workshops I meet with my friend Susan Lischka in Sacramento and we fly out together. She always has a jar of her wonderful jam for me. This is of course the strawberry and in September when we go again I am looking forward to more!!