Tuesday, January 8

After Noon Repast

20x24 o/c This is one of my new works for Washington. It is so gloomy and gray here I cannot get a bright picture, buggie for sure. Wanted to put it on tho and get back to work!!

Morning Info

I will be leaving soon for Fresno for that workshop at the end of this week. I won't be putting work on for a few days. I will be putting work on this morning and Wednesday however! I have been getting a few pieces ready for Washington and also a show here. Will put those on today.

I have a must see website for you to view! This is my new friend Sharon Furner. You really must see her paintings! She is all about design, beautiful color. Very loose confident brush strokes. Her subject matter is wonderful! Sharon's brand new web address : www.sharonfurner.com You will love this!! Very inspiring!

XO Susan

Monday, January 7

Rural Scene 2

6x6 o/b Out in the studio early this morning to rework the "rural scene" I changed the path to a stream and added more lighting to the trees and grass.I painted the light area around the cow to make it more of a focal point. "Light against dark, dark against light" This has been a real exercize for me because landscapes are not really a practiced subject for me. I love them and am working to learn them. Just noticed the purple mountain and how purple that is!! So I am going to lighten it with some soft blue but not putting it back up...enough already!!