Friday, February 15


6"x6" o/c new painting for this morning! I'm back,block is over thank goodness!!!

Thursday, February 14

Stone Heart

24x30 oil on linen canvas
I thought for Valentines Day it would be fun to put a heart painting on for today. The beach here is so beautiful.
There are certain areas here for moonstones, sea glass and rocks. I have my favorite spots to go looking and one of the beaches has beautiful rocks. For many years I have collected heart rocks. One day I sorted some of them out and decided to make a still life of them to paint. I painted 3 paintings of rocks and this was one of them. Click on the picture and see a close up!
Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Monday, February 11

New work

Well...I have been painting, have hit a block. It happens and it aggravates us when it does. I have something on the easel but nothing worth showing you sorry to say!

I got very inspired looking at Gustav Klimt. I have a book of the beautiful works of Klimt and decided I wanted to paint something figural and all I have done is rework the face! Thinking it is because I haven't decided if I want to paint it very loose or just a bit loose...I will figure that out!

It is all drawn in but slow going! It has been a while since I painted a figure piece. So, will keep going and hoping that tomorrow the block ends and I have something worth showing you!!

Until tomorrow!! XO Susan