Saturday, June 25


8"x8" piqueassiette heart. Hand made clay heart embellished with vintage clipped plates, pottery shards and little hand made pieces. Sealed with a water proof sealer.I have been on a pink and green love trip and I think maybe it is time to venture in to some blues!Well we never know about these things we start out one way and end up another!It's all fun! What are your favorite color combinations? I would love your in put, do pink and green send you? Or is it blue and white or the very French blue and yellow?? Or maybe some other lovely combination!  I'm going shard shopping again soon....the hunt continues!!! SOLD!!


well, part of my collection anyway! I have new shards that are so lovely to work with.These are waiting to be clipped and nibbled and fit into place. I haunt all sorts of sales, have dear friends and my wonderful sister who drop a treasure bag by to keep me satiated in my endless quest for just the perfect pottery, plate and vintage piece. If you are near my house or in the neighborhood drop me a bag!! Any size will be welcome and loved!! I am forever grateful to all of you!! xo

Monday, June 20

Piqueassiette Hearts

8"x8"    hearts. Made of clay and kiln fired. Embellished with vintage pottery and plate pieces all hand cut. Hand made porcelain clay, individual pieces painted and fired. One heart is scalloped in design.
I have been working on new hearts for the past week. What fun! I LOVE the new shards and my new hand made pieces. These hearts are grouted and sealed so they can be hung out side  or they can adorn your home in any room. They have two holes to hang by.
These pieces and others are going to my etsy store. More tomorrow I can't wait! These hearts are SOLD!!