Saturday, July 26

OCEAN art tag

This one is purely experimental. This has paper, paint and wax!Real mixed media. I am going off in different directions.....I am not selling these now because I want to get a collection of them and have them printed to sell at shows inexpensively. There is so much time involved in making them! This just the most fun I have had in such a long time!! Try this at home!!
Back to the studio!! XO Susan SOLD!!

Friday, July 25

BIRDS nesting

We have so many birds flying through right now. Yesterday at Lynn's we watched as a mother and father bird flew back and forth feeding their new borns . The nest was right above our heads! Wonderful surprize!SOLD!

Thursday, July 24

CROW Art Tag

New Tag for today. SOLD!!
Spent the morning on the beach with friends Gayle and Lynn ( absolutely gorgeous morning) and had every intention of making several today, instead went to lunch with mom and sis in law ,Joanie! Really played! We have to do that now and again don't we??
I did manage to get a new done this after table in my kitchen is just full of fabulous stuff I have cut out! I don't see my self stopping any time soon hahaha!
Going to try hard to get some painting done tomorrow!!
XO Susan

Wednesday, July 23

NATURE art tag

A new art tag for today.Oh so fun!! Please click on the picture to see it enlarged. 7 1/2"x2 3/4"

Monday, July 21

Art Tag "Nature"

Well, this is it for today, tried to get a lighter picture of this but the scanner is scanning it dark?? This has been fun, spending alot of time looking for bits and pieces. It reminds me of mosiacs, very much the same ...cutting all the pieces and searching for just the right one. If you click on the picture it enlarges it and it is easier to see. More tomorrow! XO Susan

Art Tag "Friend"

These are the newest, a little different, click on to enlarge. "Friend" 7 1/2"x 2 3/4" SOLD!! These little guys have just been purchased by Susan in Sacramento! Thankyou Susan!

Art Tag "BEE"

7 1/2"x2 3/4" art tag, paper card embellished with original paintings,papers,printed words, and stamping. Click the picture to see a close up!
I think as I go these are going to get more lavish! I thought I would draw the line at lace but I am looking fondly at some sweet pieces I have collected thru the years.Jewels would be nice too, have put a few on some of the cards. It is amazing what we have just sitting in boxes and in our cupboards. At some point I will put these in the gallery but right now I am having a very good time learning as I go along. Yes, I am still painting and doing clay and what ever, idle hands you know!!
XO Susan

Sunday, July 20

Art Tags

Ok, this is a stretch, but I am having a really good time making these. Art Tags can be for gifts and book marks or just to hang on the wall! I love them, always picking them up at card shops and shows. I am working out new ideas for these.
I am meeting with some art friends next week and one of them is the "Queen" of Art Tags, Vicki Greene. We are going to really have fun with these but thought I would share!
These are 71/2"x23/4". I have pieces of my paintings on them and other things I have collected. Click the picture for a larger view!
I went back in and played with these. Added a few more pieces. Rather than taking the others out(which I don't know how to do) and redoing the whole thing I just added the new ones!

Abstract ACEO Trees #7

2.5"x3.5" a/p painted on water media archival paper with a high gloss varnish. 22.00+3.00 shipping. These paintings are mounted on a white 5x7 mat and come in a clear plastic envelope.


2.5"x3.5" abstract of trees. a/p archival water media paper , varnished to a high gloss. 22.00.

I am encouraged this morning because Andrea purchased the first ACEO painting! Trees #4. So I am afraid you will have to endulge my fun love of painting these just a wee bit longer!! Thankyou Andrea!!
XO Susan