Saturday, August 18


OK, I think I'm least my brush strokes maybe?? Geez this was one of the worst blocks I've had! My artist friends, do you get them too? Well, that's silly, I know you do. Not often I hope. no fun! We'll see how it goes from here. Getting one is one thing but having it last....yikes!! I'm loving houses right now, white ones. My new house is yellow and I'm seriously thinking of painting it white!! This is a tiny one, in the woods. Tiny painting too 6"x6" oil on canvas. I'm keeping it small for a while!!


In the mean time ( of not painting) I've been continuing my little mosaic pieces. This one is titled "Garden", love the shape of a house to work on. Still making hearts but this is a fun change! Lots of hand built pieces and painting in this one. I painted today too! will post as soon as I decide if it's postable hahahahaha!!

Monday, August 13

New painting this morning. Acrylic. 8"x10". on canvas. I might as well admit it. I'm suffering from painter's block. It has been very difficult to get a groove going. Still not there. New studio, new house, new area and I'm thrown for a loop! I did go to the Saw Dust festival in Laguna Ca. Have you been? It was so inspiring, all the artists! I thought surely that would do it, break the block! Nope,'s not forth coming. Well I'll keep at it! In the mean time I'll go water my garden........