Sunday, August 7


5"x11" pique assiette bird. Hand made fired clay base embellished with vintage shards, glass and my hand painted imagery. I've made birds in the past and I have been wanting to add some new ones to my etsy shop! I have more of them in the works as well as more hearts! these are really nice in your garden as well as home and front porch as a cheerful greeting!
This was fun to make, I love the little pieces of floral shards. Some of the shards are from old chintz plates my sister gave me. They were broken of course, they at least have to have a chip! I'm recycling!!
I have had a question as to how I hang them. Two nails, that's it!


from Sharon said...

Your new birds are going to capture many find the most intriguing pieces of have quite the stash. But it takes an artist's eye to put it together in a fascinating design. Fun to see these new designs.....perky little birds!

susan jenkins said...

Thank you! I'm so happy you like the birds! Something different and fun. I am actually always adding new pottery and china to the mix. Sometimes one new piece can direct the whole design.