Saturday, January 16


Yesterday was the bird show and exhibit in Morro Bay California. My sister Julie and I were so pleased to see the number of wonderful book displays, cameras, field glasses , telescopes and artisans. Lots of "birders" signing up for nature walks and bird observing in the various natural preserves.
Morro Bay is home to the Morro Estuary Natural Preserve. This encompasses 2700 acres including 800 acres of salt marsh ,wetlands area located with in the bounds of Morro Bay State Park. This beautiful and protected area is an important stop over and fly way and winter home to numerous water fowl, shore birds and different bird species.
Among the artists exhibiting in the show was one of my very favorites, Paula Teplitz. A potter from Arroyo Grande California. I have shown one of her pieces here. Her wonderful work( I have many special pieces) is available at the Chambers Gallery here in Cambria.
It was a very nice show and fun day being with like minded nature enthusiasts.If you are in the area it goes though Sunday!

Thursday, January 14


6"x6" oil on board. The wiley crow. I'm fascinated by them. We have large groups here that just hang out. I have many trees in my yard especially a very large old oak that they just love.

Wednesday, January 13

Scrub Blue Jay

6"x6" oil on board
My beloved Scrub Jay. Funny little birds and very smart! I leave peanuts for them everyday. SOLD!


5"x7" oil on canvas board

He only weighs a lb but has a huge 42" wingspan! He flys slow and silent in the night which means curtains for small prey. His soft fringe edged feathers don't swish as they move. He is nocturnal with keen eye sight and hearing. They like to live in barns, hence the name, attics,steeples ,silos and man made boxes. SOLD!

Tuesday, January 12


5"x7" oil on canvas on board. I love painting the "Great Horned Owl". He is adorned with the most beautiful feather markings. A real challenge to paint but always fun.

I had so hoped to receive my lamp yesterday but lamp! Painting in the kitchen because the roof in the studio is being repaired, yay! Just in time, it's raining! Not waiting for lamps, need to paint! Next I will ( attempt) paint the beautiful Barn Owl.

Sunday, January 10


I am so excited to receive my new art lamp. I've been waiting for it's delivery, any day now. I have rearranged my studio with a smaller easel and a more accommodating place to paint the birds. My newest painting will be an owl. Another Great Horned but also a Barn Owl. I think they are so beautiful.

There is a bird show in Morro Bay this Friday and my sister Julie called this morning to ask if I'd like to go. We both love birds and love also to paint them.She hand builds and paints her birds in clay. This will be so exciting. There will be alot of wonderful bird paraphernalia with artists and collectors and oh yes those dandy new birdwatchers binoculars. Would so love to have a pair of those!

In the meantime, I wait for my lamp! Monday for sure and then I will get to painting!