Saturday, February 6


6"x6" oil on board Another little fat Robin. How I love to see them with their bright red breast.

Wednesday, February 3

Dark-eyed Junco

6"x6" oil on board The Junco is a small bird and prefers to forage for seeds and nest close to the ground. Wonderful for your bird feeders. They come in small groups rather than one at a time.

Tuesday, February 2

Sunday, January 31

Linda Huggins plein aire painting

Isn't this beautiful?? This is Linda Huggins painting. She paints the area here. I just love this.
I believe this is a 16x20. Oil on linen.

More pictures of the show

This was the last day of the show. What fun! We were sorry to see the weekend end but "all good things " as they say.
Bottom picture is Linda Huggins and Pat Reilly, next is everyone together, Shannon McNamara,Victoria Greene,Gayle Sewell,Pat Reilly and Linda Huggins. What a blast we had!!Top picture is me with my finished demo painting for today.
I miss you all already! XO

More Wine Festival

Two of the artists with Gayle. Victoria Greene (that's one of Vicki's paintings behind her)and Linda Huggins, a wonderful plein air artist in the gallery who paints scenes of Cambria and the surrounding area. I will post one of her beautiful paintings here tomorrow morning. The painting is my demo in progress that I will finish today,"good red" have a few things to add for balance.
We have one more day, today is the last day. It has been just the most fun! Lots of sales too , that's always nice!

Chambers Gallery and Wine Festival

We have had so much fun! These pictures were taken yesterday in a very bustling two days! Artists,patrons,new visitors, all were streaming through the gallery. I've been demonstrating (wine bottles of course) and visiting and I've posted some of the pictures this morning. I have a few more to post too.
From the top, my sister Julie Whitmore presenting a bottle of wine to Gayle Sewell, owner of Chambers Gallery. My finished wine bottle demo.Bird paintings and Paula Teplitz art displayed.One of the artist's, Victoria Greene and her husband Dick.Vicki's beautiful display of her oil paintings.