Friday, September 26

Pam Derby's Vinyard

I was at Pam Derby's Vinyard yesterday to look into a piece she would like me to paint for the wine tasting room. An absolutely beautiful day, I wanted to post this picture of the grapes on the vine that will be picked soon. Lovely.

Thursday, September 25

Viki's Studio

Vicki Greene does very beautiful art pieces. From paintings to art tags . She has a wonderful studio and I thought it would be interesting for you to see a portion of her working area.

Monday, September 22

Crow woodcut

Did this wood cut this morning first thing. It is a small print on brown paper, 3x5. It is a simple piece because I am learning!! Can't wait to make more, have an idea for trees next! Making some sketches.

Briana's Peter Rabbit

This clay plac graces Briana's cottage. It is made of individual tiles that have been carved, handbuilt, fired and glazed. I love this piece. Click on the picture for a close up.

Sunday, September 21

Briana's Gull Cottage

Gayle and I had the best day today, long walk on the beach and then a wonderful visit to Gull Cottage in Cayucos. Cayucos is a tiny little beach town just down the road from Cambria where I live.Gull Cottage is where Briana and her darling husband Bill lived. She had a little shop there for many years, sold her wonderful clay pieces that she made so lovingly. She was our dearest friend.
She passed away some time ago and it was so nice to go out and visit her cottage on the ocean today. She made beautiful totems,really fun and this is one that I have always loved and took a picture of this afternoon.
It was a fun visit with her son Brian and grandaughter Nikki. Just wanted to share.
XO Susan