Thursday, June 12

Blue and White Vase

18x24 This painting is one for the workshop in Vancouver WA. It is a pulled together version of the small 5x7. I will be shipping this when it is dry. Think I may do a street scene next. See you maybe tomorrow! XO Susan

Wednesday, June 11

Workshop coming up!

Hello! I am going to be working the next few days on paintings for my workshop in Vancouver Washington. I will post them when they are done. The workshop isn't until October but the paintings have to be done and delivered waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy befor.

So I will be posting again in a few days. See you then!

XO Susan

Sunday, June 8

Blue and White Vase

5x7 oil on board I always love adding fruit and cheese to a stil life ! 125. SOLD!

Beautiful Sea

6x6o/b I painted this yesterday, this is is how the ocean has looked for the past few days here with all the wind and bluster!!!! 125.