Tuesday, March 15


I can't stop!! I really must do some serious work but I leave at the end of the week to do a workshop and every thing I want to start requires a longer attention span than I have right now!!
In between the doodles I'm running here and there and packing and just can't concentrate. I know you can totally understand this. Sooooooo in the meantime I will continue to doodle and start new work next week when hopefully I will be over my love affair( temporarily) with the water color crayons! Have you tried them yet? My favorites are the Caran d' Ache. The white is just wonderful, softens colors.
Ok now what else to doodle???

Monday, March 14


Yep! More "doodles"! Small little crayon paintings. The largest is 5"x5". I am having fun with these. I already said that didn't I?