Wednesday, January 19

Wine Bottle painting for the Wine Festival

Yesterday we met at the Chambers Gallery to paint wine bottles for the Art and Wine Fesival next weekend on the 28th. Vicki,Gayle,Maggie and me! What fun!! We worked all day and I had painted 3! Good Grief! I had plans to paint more so I will be painting a few more this week. Vicki painted some lovely seascape ones but took them home so today when I photographed they weren't there. This last one is a fun one of Gayles, very abstract and Maggie's also in there, that tall abstract one they are beautiful. I love the colors in these. Mine are the crows and grapes. We will have them all around the gallery for sale the weekend of the festival! Something fun!
Lynn, we missed you!!!!

Sunday, January 16

White House

24"x24"  oil on canvas
The last ime I experimented with painting Tonalisim I painted this painting.About 15 years ago. I have it hanging in my house because I liked the mood of it. That's the deal with Tonalism. It creates a mood. In this case I love pink and the dark of the trees and the pink of the foreground is pleasing to me. The white house being the focal point just makes me happy!

Small Vineyard

8"x10" oil on canvas SOLD!
This is another painting in the Tonalist method. Trying to keep color to a minimum and using a limited palette.

Tonalist Landscape

6"x6" oil on board   SOLD!
I am experimenting with a Tonalist pallette, limiting myself to a minimum of color pigment, Staying in a mid value range. Values are important here, saying very little while conveying a mood. For an extreme color enthusiast it is not easy to not lob in some orange and red! It's restraint, something I need to learn and practice. This is the first of many I plan to paint.