Friday, October 12


6x6 o/b 125.

Going on Holiday

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for a trip south to San Diego. A baby shower for Natalie Susan my first great grandchild. I am ecstatic!
Yes, I know, I am way too young to be a great grandmother but my beautiful Elizabeth has chosen to change all that!
I will be returning home in a week. My daughter Heather is an artist also ( please see her website ) and we will have fun comparing notes and filling each other with inspiration. Always great fun!
So Monday the 22nd of this month I will be back at my easel eagerly ready to paint!

Until then XO Susan

Thursday, October 11

Key Lime Pie

6x6 o/b 125. Yes, another pie! I love painting deserts! I also love Key Lime pie. The color of this pie is so pretty too .

Wednesday, October 10

Rose in Green Vase

6x6 o/b 125. I love red and green together. They are compliments on the color wheel. This is the last rose bud on my bushes! Had to paint it!

Monday, October 8

Carton of Eggs

8x10 0/b I really love painting brown eggs. Not by themselves but in the cardboard carton. The cartons are still the same as I remember as a child. My mother used to get her eggs this way, even my gramma. Brown eggs are wonderful to paint as well as to eat and bake with! The yolks are beautiful too, a rich yellow.