Friday, December 19


This is part of my collection of snow men. I always set this up for Christmas. Some are hand made some are special ones that I have found and some are quite old. The one in front is a salt and pepper that my sister Julie made. I love snowmen, tall ones, small ones fat ones skinny ones. Something so fun and cozy about them.
I will be going down south for Christmas to spend it with my children, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!! I will be making and painting all new stuff very soon!! XO Susan

Thursday, December 11

Yellow Pear

This was fun, a pale yello and the red on the side, feathering the edges on the red gave it a blue tinge.

Tuesday, December 9


red earthenwear clay with ruby glaze. 41/2" tall. I just love the color of this pear! My experimentation of glazes is really getting exciting!!

Sunday, December 7

Yellow Brown Pear

This is one I neglected to put in the line up! A really different glaze!


I am making "pears" for the Chambers Gallery. These pears are all handbuilt from earthenwear clay. Each pear is 4" to 41/2" including stem. Please click on the picture to see a close up!
contact me @

Tuesday, December 2

Take Me Home

Hand built earthen clay rooster with little girl riding atop. 9 1/2"x9 1/2" Spoken for.

Monday, November 24

Happy Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving Day soon will be here and I can hardly wait! My family will be here and the house will be full of laughter, food and blessings. Moms and dads, children and babies, grandmas and grandpas, sisters and brothers ,nieces and nephews and cousins! A huge houseful! I hope you too have a wonderful Thanks Giving and will be with the ones you love.
XO Susan

Tuesday, November 18

New Work Soon!

Good Morning!
I have been in San Diego for my grandaughter Elizabeth's wedding. Such a beautiful wedding and so much fun to see old friends and all the family! Home last night and ready to get back to work!

I have alot of ideas and some pieces in the kiln room ready to be fired that I will be adding to the blog as soon as they are glazed.

So stay tuned, more to come!!

XO Susan

Thursday, November 6


24x30 oil on canvas. Just finished! Didn't do too much more to it, just a little tweaking here and there. This is going to the Chambers Gallery when dry.


20x24 " oil on canvas Working this morning on this new painting. This is the lay in and I will be keeping it loose , so not alot more to do. A little tweeking and finish work and it's done! Alot of fun! I will post the finished piece today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 4

Abstract Sea Scape

14x18 a/c Big storm today and the ocean is especially blustery!! Crashing waves, beautiful blues and greens.I wanted to capture the feel of the waves rolling and crashing and I decided an abstract would be fun!

Friday, October 31

Hand Built Pear

High fire stoneware clay pear. 6"tall 3"wide. Love making pears! Love to paint them too!!

Tuesday, October 28

Pam's Wine Cellar

30x40 oil on canvas painting commission. SOLD!

Just put the final varnish on this painting and will be delivering it on Thursday. Alot of lines and perspective!! Whew!! Fun tho!!

Sunday, October 26


Raven red clay, black glaze. 31/2" x 10 1/2" SOLD!!!

Hello! I am back home! Workshop in Washington was very fun, always is! I met new people, terrific students. We had alot of laughs and they painted beautifully! 4 great paintings in 4 days, whew!
Hi to Catherine and Nadiene and Arleta and her daughter ( a real budding artist) all new students. Also hi to Carol and Barbara and Sue and Shirley and Joann, Mary Alice and Gloria not new students but want to say hi and thankyou to all !! Hi to Bev too and a big thankyou for putting this all together! Also hi to Patsy! So glad you came in to say hi!!
Sue sent me home with all kinds of things this time plus her wonderful jams!! 2 big jars!! Thankyou Sue!
I haven't had a chance to get work out, the Raven is a new piece, finished just befor I left and I am just posting. I will be doing new work for the Chambers Gallery, small female torsos in clay about 3" tall. I have been working on the studio getting ready to work in clay, can't wait!

More soon!! XO Susan

Sunday, October 12

2 more Tags

I haven't put the ribbon on these yet, will do that tomorrow. Click on the picture to see them larger. I didn't take the pictures out side, just scanned them. they are so much prettier in the light, you can really see the gold and glitter!! The "Nature" tag has a ruby red glitter, and gold, so pretty!

New Art Tags

New tags. I have been working on them befor I leave on Tuesday. "Friends" and "Home".

Thursday, October 9

Good morning! Well, so frustrating but I am receiving emails letting me know you can't use comments......this must be my fault! I have it set up so that it has a code and for some reason that isn't allowing you to get in!
Well once again, I am taking this off and if you want to contact me just continue to write me at

So sorry for this inconvenience. I am busy working on a painting, have to get it done befor I leave next week for Washington to do a workshop. Looking so forward to seeing all my friends there at Arts Desire.

I will post again when I have something for you!

XO Susan

Monday, October 6

New Art Tags, Paris & Birds

Newest art tags. 3"x 8"Lots of glitter and glitz! Please click the pictue to see a close up. 22.00

Tuesday, September 30

Wine and Cheese

18x24 oil on canvas Just finished this. Got a bit of flash back because I took the picture in my studio.This is a commission so it is sold.SOLD!!

Tomato Still life

9x12 I am painting again, put my tag stuff away and my wood cut stuff and now I have to get busy in the studio! I will hope fully post a painting today!! SOLD!

Friday, September 26

Pam Derby's Vinyard

I was at Pam Derby's Vinyard yesterday to look into a piece she would like me to paint for the wine tasting room. An absolutely beautiful day, I wanted to post this picture of the grapes on the vine that will be picked soon. Lovely.

Thursday, September 25

Viki's Studio

Vicki Greene does very beautiful art pieces. From paintings to art tags . She has a wonderful studio and I thought it would be interesting for you to see a portion of her working area.

Monday, September 22

Crow woodcut

Did this wood cut this morning first thing. It is a small print on brown paper, 3x5. It is a simple piece because I am learning!! Can't wait to make more, have an idea for trees next! Making some sketches.

Briana's Peter Rabbit

This clay plac graces Briana's cottage. It is made of individual tiles that have been carved, handbuilt, fired and glazed. I love this piece. Click on the picture for a close up.

Sunday, September 21

Briana's Gull Cottage

Gayle and I had the best day today, long walk on the beach and then a wonderful visit to Gull Cottage in Cayucos. Cayucos is a tiny little beach town just down the road from Cambria where I live.Gull Cottage is where Briana and her darling husband Bill lived. She had a little shop there for many years, sold her wonderful clay pieces that she made so lovingly. She was our dearest friend.
She passed away some time ago and it was so nice to go out and visit her cottage on the ocean today. She made beautiful totems,really fun and this is one that I have always loved and took a picture of this afternoon.
It was a fun visit with her son Brian and grandaughter Nikki. Just wanted to share.
XO Susan

Tuesday, September 16

Yellow Bird Teapot

Teapot finished this morning. Nutmeg grout. I love this shape too. Taking this to Chambers Gallery tomorrow. Click on the picture to see a close up! SOLD!

Monday, September 15

Yellow Bird Teapot

This is my newest teapot. Piqueassiette. It has to be grouted and I will do that with a warm brown color. It will be wonderful with the brown of the handle and bring out the colors of the tile.
There is a yellow bird, a strawberry, faces and words all made by hand.

Grouting tommorow when it has set and will put a picture on as the finished piece.


This is one of the wood type cuts I did at Annie's. The piece was cut with carving tools and stamped(on the right) then taken to another step with bronzing powder, bleach and then painted with luminous yellow paint. A really exciting new to me experience! I am excited about it and have ordered tools and materials!!
Have you tried this?? Let me know!

Thursday, September 11

SUNFLOWER wood cut

Last night our little art group visited Annie Lawrence in her gallery in Cambria. Annie is a wonderful artist and calligrapher . She introduced us to wood carving but using an entirely different material for carving with more of a rubber base.

We had so much fun and being so generous with her tools and supplies we carved for hours!
I made several pieces, some good, some not but I sure did learn alot! Vicki is a natural, made beautiful trees in the Arts and Crafts tradition.Such an artist! Gayle did wonderfully making many pieces and always amazes me and her self and Lyn did a sweet tiny landscape and we were so impressed! Pizza for dinner and so much enthusiasm in Annie's wonderful workroom.

Above is a carving of a sunflower printed on paper that Annie had done and I so loved. I begged to have it and she gave it to me! I love it! So, we are all off on another art experience!!!

OLIVES art tag

We have many olive groves in Paso Robles. Olive oil is pressed here. It is just wonderful. Along with the vinyards in a marvelous micro climate in this particular area. This tag is made from one of my paintings of "olives". Had to add a bee of course, beloved bees.

Tuesday, September 9


This is a special order. The painting of the "carrot cup cake" placed onto a tag. I love it! I will do more cup cake art tags!! What fun! SOLD!!

MERMAID art tag

mermaid art tag just fininshed. Dreamy.

FRIENDS art tag

Lots of gold and glitter !! SOLD!

Monday, September 8


5"x7" oil painting on canvas panel. Yes, still painting, and still painting "cup cakes"! This one just painted. SOLD!


art tag of pumpkins. Please click on the picture to see it enlarged. I took my pumpkin painting and made an art tag of it!! I love it! Notice the little bee in the corner. Speaking of bees, which we so love, they are back hugely in my mother's beautiful garden. YAY!

Sunday, September 7

Home art tag

Newest art tag. "HOME" I love to make the "home" art tags.
All of my tags are at the gallery. Took them down yesterday. You can see Gayle's gallery along the side of my blog, at the top right is her web site address. She just got it up and running and is busy tweeking it. SOLD! to talk to me!

PUMPKINS for Fall!

24x36 oil painting on canvas. I feel Fall in the air, a crispness. Fields of orange,laden with beautiful pumpkins, turning leaves and ohhhh the pies! SOLD!

Friday, September 5

Thursday, September 4

COFFEE art tag

Well am I a bit obsessive?? Yep, I think so! I just LOVE making these tags! I have stuff all over the place! I am going to find a show to be in, I am making so many of them, these would be great for a show!! SOLD!

ESPRESSO art tag

Drinking alot of this and Having Fun!!

Wednesday, September 3

Monday, September 1

Trattoria Uliveto

Yesterday I took my mom to Orcutt. Old town Orcutt is really rural! It is right out side of Santa Barbara. Up the highway 101 a ways north. My niece Amy and her husband Alfonso along with another family opened this wonderful new Italian restaurant. Alfonso Curti was the chef at Grappolos in Santa Ynez ,his brother's place. Fabulous Italian food! Now he has opened his own darling place and it was really an exciting day! If you want fine Italian food , excellent service , white linen and fabulous Italian ambiance go!! You will LOVE it!! You will also need reservations!

PEAR art tag

New "pear" tag. I am finding it better to take the pictures in the sunlight than to scan them, just so much brighter! Click the picture for a close up. Notice the bird too! This is one of my paintings photographed and then again hand applied paint, layering of papers,cut out and applied pieces,sprays and glitter!! 22.00 plus shipping.

Sunday, August 31

Scottie by Heather Roddy

I just had to share this painting of the Scottie that Heather, my daughter painted for a client. I just love it, to see more of Heather's work scroll down the side of my blog and find her website there. To email Heather to inquire about her painting your best friend
Yay Heather!!

Thursday, August 28

"FALLEN" art tag

Newest angel. Collage and painting on paper. Please click the picture if you would like to see a close up.

Wednesday, August 27

"LISTEN" decorative art tag

This is a new tag, just finished. An angel. I have so much fun with these. Hand painted and assembled.This is large, 11"x 51/2" I have several done that I will be adding soon. I have used lace and different papers that I have found and they are finished with a spray of gold and varnished with a mat gloss. Hope you like them!
XO Susan