Thursday, October 6

October Festival in Cambria!

In october in Cambria we have October Fest! Gayle has the chambers Gallery in Cambria. Her darling crow is a favorite in town. All made by her with the head made of paper mache' and painted. I think it is just precious and she has added my crow painting behind it!! Fabulous Gayle and thank you!!!


vicki said...

Hi Susan-your daughter's little scarecrow is adorable- he's perfect for the season- standing guard over the festival!! The crow painting is just the cutest special touch- I love it!!

Have a great weekend--

susan jenkins said...

Thank you Vicki! Gayle will get a kick out of that, she is the gallery owner of the Chambers Gallery and she made the scarecrow!

It is fun in town, everyone has made one!!
xx Susan

T.Gomez said...

So original, creative and beautiful - wish I could visit. Enjoyed seeing this display.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Trudy! Thank you it is very fun here, wish you could come for a visit too!!
I love your donkey post, I am having a hard time posting on your blog but will try again!!
xx Susan

from Sharon said...

Who wouldn't want to go into this store with the whimsical, fun crow scarecrow! and your crow painting. Now that all who visit, purchase!!! This is a super creative welcome to all...I haven't seen anything this cute in Charlotte....sad.

nathalie, Avignon said...

Love your crows - and they match the papier maché one perfectly!

I just followed a link to Terry Miura's Studio Notes blog and truly enjoyed it. Thanks for the link. It's a great way to help others discover artists we like.

susan jenkins said...

Hi Nathalie, thank you! Yes, i really like Terry's work and he is very inspiring too I think!
Thank you for stopping by!!
xx Susan