Thursday, December 31


How wonderful it will be to start a brand new and shiny New Year! A new year, out with the old anticipating the wondrous new. Make it fabulous! Enjoy every new day and minute of it!

I can't wait!!

XO Susan

Tuesday, December 22


Christmas card by"Marisas's House" found at our darling shop here "Birds of a Feather".This is photographed in her doll house, oh how I swooned when I saw it having had a doll house of my own.I love that the lady of the house is making cookies !
My sister Julie is making my favorite butter cookies ( that my mother always baked)and my children and grandchildren are making the traditional cookie cutter frosted Christmas decorated cookies. YUM!
This is a wondrous time of the year.Our little town of Cambria is all dressed up and lit up in anticipation of Christmas.
I hope your day is special in every way. Be warm and cozy and enjoy!

I will be posting again after the first of the year, lots of new ideas!

God Bless, XO Susan

Saturday, December 19


18x24 mosaic "Faith" on wood with hand made earthenware clay pieces, broken shards of pottery and glass.
I love the beautiful art of the master Della Robbia. This is my humble attempt of a work in this genre.

Sunday, December 13


8"x10" oil painting on wood panel. This Robin is much larger than the little English Robin. He lives in the woodlands and we have them here in the back country inland where its a bit warmer.

Saturday, December 12


5"x7" Black Billed Magpie
A woodland ground forager, he will eat just about anything! He has a 22"to 24" wingspan, emagine that!

Friday, December 11


Black Throated Blue Warbler 6"x6" oil on board.
A smal song bird. He lives in the wetlands and forests of New England. He dines on insects.

Thursday, December 10


6"x6" oil on board

This sweet little Finch is a song bird. He is a seed eater and this one lives in England. SOLD!

Wednesday, December 9


5x7 oil on canvas

Living in the woodlands of England he eats seeds and insects. He is known for the white stripe on the back of his neck( not visible at this angle)and his coal gray colored feathers. SOLD!

Tuesday, December 8


3 1/2x1x 1/2 handbuilt red earthenware clay
Gray colored nests. Many woodland nests are gray because of the natural weathering of twigs. These are two of the new gray. Back to painting birds today!

Monday, December 7


5"x7" oil on canvas wrapped board.
A seed eater living in woodlands, he is often found with in a flock of Nut Hatches and Chickadees. SOLD!


6"x6" Oil on board. This little bird is a wood land bird. An insect eater.

Saturday, December 5


3 1/4x3 1/2 The eggs of the Tree Swallow are pink! Lovely. Did you know that not only are the Robin's eggs blue but also those of the Eastern Bluebird?

Friday, December 4


31/2x11/2 My newest nest. Hand built in red earthenware clay.
I settled on a new glaze and I like the dark twiggy effect. The addition of the leaves and blossom bring in a more natural feel. The color of the eggs is a true Robins egg blue and I am excited to find it!
I have several of these nests firing now. Different colors of eggs. There is a pink egg laid by the Tree Swallow and the speckled white egg of the White Breasted Nut Hatch and House Sparrow. I have included these. I will post the nests as they are completed. Such fun! More bird paintings next week!

Monday, November 30

Angel Piqueassiette Wall Hanging

18x24 wall hangings. Piqueassiette tiles cut and grouted into place. I use glass and pottery and hand made pieces. I make the angels, they are hand built. I love making these and I will be making them for "Crimson " in Del Mar California. They are weather proof. Completley finished off and coated with a water sealant back and front.These are sold so making more!! SOLD!

Sunday, November 22


Just finished another pillow! This one is painted on linen.I LOVE painting on linen, it is like painting on butter, a lovely feel to it. The ruffles are linen also and the backing. Really loving linen, so natural. SOLD!!


11"x 8" hand built from red earthenware clay.
The White Raven! Rarely seen and mystical. He is adorned with a wreath of flowers and berries to welcome the coming holidays.

Saturday, November 21


3"wide 1 1/4 tall. Made of red earthenware clay. Lots of glazing. Love making nests. I'm trying something new after Thanks Giving. Have a new idea. I have a couple more to post first.

All The Nests are gone, I'm making more and will post them when I get them made.


11"x4" My newest crow. Red earthenware clay with glass glazes. I couldn't resist adorning him with wreath of acorns, flowers and berries. He is all dressed up for Fall going into Winter! SOLD

Tuesday, November 17


8"x10" oil on board. I have a facination with Crows and Ravens. They are huge beautiful birds. Very wiley and smart. I love their bold black feathers. I love their squawk! We have alot of them here, many trees for them to sit and wait for the peanuts I put out for the Jays. SOLD!


"2 1/2" earthenware clay and glaze. Since I am painting birds my friend Vicki Greene suggested I make tiny nests. I loved the idea and created several. What fun! They are small enough to tuck into any niche. I believe they will be a very fun addition to the bird paintings.

Monday, November 16


Newest Pillow. Softer colors and ruffels of linen in white,cream and the soft green of the painting and back ground. Backing is linen, the same color as the pillow in a soft green called "meadow". The roses have a light touch of gold going around the edge of the painting. I think it finishes them off. 22"x34"

Thursday, November 12

Wednesday, November 11


6x6" oil on board. Little house sparrow. I love their markings. Isn't he sweet?

Thursday, November 5


8x10" oil on board This is my jay, comes to visit every day for his peanuts....and all of his friends tag along. SOLD!

Wednesday, November 4

Blue Bird

5x7" oil on canvas board. Bird paintings are available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria Ca.

Tuesday, November 3

Tree Sparrow

6"x6" Tree Sparrow.Oil painting on board. I'm continuing my bird series and the pillows too. I love to paint the birds. Notice his rounded beak? He is a seed eater. 125. SOLD

Sunday, November 1


20"x31" This is my newest pillow, just finished. These original hand painted,one of a kind , oil on canvas Pillows are available at "CRIMSON" a delightful shop in Del Mar California.

Wednesday, October 21


16x20 oil on canvas. Brand new, just finished today! This is going to the Chambers Gallery.I'm back to painting and it was such fun! Still making pillows too, They are going to a shop in Delmar California, very exciting. SOLD!

Saturday, October 10

Crow,Eggplant and Pear

Newest earthenware pieces just out of the kiln this morning!!


6" My new venture in clay! I love the color of vegetables and have painted them many times. My newest is the egg plant for it's beautiful color and form. Made of earthenware clay and painted with glass glaze. SOLD!! I'm making more!!

Saturday, September 12

Pink Bird Cage pillow

20" x30" I love the aqua, pink and yellow together and carried that thru with the ruffle. Fun! This pillow is hand painted on canvas and backed with an ecru quilted fabric, embellished with a crown of ruffels.


Re embellished with a crown!!! This pillow is hand painted on canvas , backed with canvas and embellished with ruffles. soft art.

Friday, September 11

Bird Cage pillow.

Canvas Pillow. 20"x30"This is the painting I had put up to show and now made into the pillow.Hand painted on canvas.Embellished with ruffels. No you can't throw in the washer and dryer!! Decorative one of a kind Art pieces!

Rooster Pillow

This is a new finished pillow . 24"x24" Euro size .Hand painted on canvas.
Canvas front and quilted ecru material on the back.Embellished with a crown of ruffles. Soft art, decorative, fun !

Monday, August 10

Black-capped CHICKADEE

6"x6" oil on board This sweet little bird loves to make his home in the hole of a tree! SOLD!


this bird house is a birthday gift from my mom. I just love it. I love it so much it is in my kitchen! I am not depriving local birds of a home, I have several homes for them out side. This was built locally by Marsha at "Birds of a Feather". Oh and the bird? He is a little blue bird motion detector and sings when I walk by. I LOVE it!!

Sunday, August 9


6"x6" oil on board. We have owls here, especially in the inland areas. One of my friends has owl boxes at her vinyards for the owls to nest. The owl is so beautiful and of course, wise!

Tuesday, August 4


5x7 oil on board . This Robin is so much smaller than the American Robin. This is the national bird of England. Precious little bird. SOLD!


5"7" oil on board. This beautiful little bird lives in England. Visiting England a few years ago I did not see one. Lots and lots of beautiful birds but not the Blue Tit. Is it elusive? I think I would swoon if I saw one of these sweet little birds.

Wednesday, July 29


7"x10" oil on board My beloved Jays. This is a scrub Jay. They come everyday for peanuts.We have many of these wiley birds. SOLD!

Tuesday, July 28


8x10 oil on board. A big fat Robin! Such a beautiful bird. I always hope to see one here.SOLD!

Monday, July 27


6x6 oil on board. I love mocking birds, I love their song. We don't have many here by the ocean but inland there are many of them singing especially in the morning when I go out to the vegetable stand.


6x6 oil on board. My dear friend Briana had bird houses in her beautiful garden, set way up high. Blue Birds came every year and made their nests. I had never seen a Blue Bird here and didn't expect to see them on the central coast. I really think it was Briana. Her garden was magical and she was such a loving person. The Blue Birds loved her and so did we. SOLD!!

Sunday, July 26


6x6 oil on board This little painting is the start of a new series of bird paintings. There are so many different species and doing some research I am struck by the wonderful differences. I have an attachment to crows and the egrets here and of course my beloved scrub jays but I want to delve into the other wonders of Gods delicate creations! SOLD!!