Sunday, May 6

Still Life With Lemons

30" x 40"  Still life on Canvas.  Painted many years ago. I just found the photo. I've been packing, it seems for weeks. I'm moving. Leaving this beautiful place on the Central Coast of California for a new location in Southern California. The Temecula Valley. I do alot of work in the San Diego area and think a change will be fun and timely. Change is positive but it will be with a heavy heart full of memories that I take with me.

When I look at this painting and how my work has changed through the years I'm inspired to anticipate the work I will be doing in the future.

So, I won't be adding new work for a while. This packing thing is taking much longer than expected! I will be back when I can with new ideas explored. I can't wait!!

See you soon! I will be adding photos of pictures I come across in the meantime. Next packing, STUDIO!! That will be an adventure!!

XX Susan