Friday, May 28


My Cecile Brunner Rose is in bloom! All the rain we've had has encouraged this beautiful rose bush to flourish and blossom. Many years ago in my garden I had this lovely little rose cascading over a trellis greeting visitors coming up the walk way. My young daughters placed the sweet little roses in their hair. It makes me happy to think of it and to see how pretty it has become. I want to share it!

Thursday, May 27


3"x 1.5" hand built porcelain nest.
Being unglazed this has a different look I think than the others I've made with glazes.The color here is from under glazes, fired into the clay.
I'm working on some others with a red clay and very little paint, more fun!
The birds and un glazed,unpainted nests will be going to "Birds of a Feather" a sweet shop here all about birds and bird related things. You will also find antiques, jewelry and yummy taffy!!!
My paintings of birds and all of my paintings and clay work are available at the Chambers Gallery in Cambria.

Porcelain Birds

New birds this morning. These little birds are hand built and hand painted on porcelain clay. 2.5"x 3.5". I have to say the birds bear a very, very loose resemblance to the actual Junco, Sparrow and Chickadee.
I'm making nests to go with them, unglazed.Working with out the glaze gives the works a soft look .
I'll be making new birds today because these little birds are now SOLD!!

Monday, May 24

Mom's Window Boxes

I was just at my mother's house and was really taken with her lovely window boxes! She loves pink and blue and a bit of yellow here and there ( very Monet)and not always the same flowers but the colors are usually the same. She does have a favorite though, a big pink and cream rose,Double Delight. That is in her rose garden, today it is ode to the window boxes.