Wednesday, April 16

Sunday, April 13


Oil on linen 12"x12"  I love the pink with the yellow. Just looks like spring!

Monday, April 7


6"x6" oil painting on canvas. This little painting just finished was recently commissioned by a client.

Saturday, April 5


Yes, this is the same house but I had to rework a bit. I was tired yesrtday when I put this up I guess. I thought it was finished and looked at it today and noticed the shadow on the roof was blue! Well, if the roof is pink it would be a darker shade of pink not blue!! White house, blue shadow! Pink roof, darker pink shadow! Hmmmmmmm I added a few this and thats and now it's done! On to the next one!!

Friday, April 4


12x16 oil on canvas
I LOVE little white houses, so charming. A garden too of course!

Wednesday, March 12


12"x12" oil on linen.   This is a quick study of a beautiful area in the hills of Santa Rosa Plateau.

Wednesday, March 5


16x20 oil on canvas
Just finished this morning. Another bird to add to the mix. I love the green on this one. A warmer green with the cool of the purple, love, love!!!

Friday, February 28

Wednesday, February 26

16x20 oil on canvas    Another new birdie! I love the pinkish orange background, he is so sweet!

Sunday, February 23

16x20 oil on canvas. Newest Bird!  I have a plan to paint at least 6, but they are such fun who knows??

Saturday, February 22

16"x20" oil on canvas.  Working on new bird paintings this week. Always fun and a bit of a challenge!

Friday, February 7

Oil Painting Workshop , still life copper and fruit

This was a demo yesterday of a set up for the workshop in Templeton California. Fun class, great gals and very fun to paint this set up! 16"x20".

Wine Glass workshop

Had a fun work shop for the last couple of days! At the end of the day the girls wanted me to demonstrate a wine glass! I did this on a 8x10" canvas. Great bunch of gals!!

Thursday, January 30


4" x4" paintings from the Art and Wine Festival in Cambria! We had a great  time! I was demoing in the Chambers Gallery and got to visit with alot of old friends and new. The Wine Festival is always a big event with visitors from near and far! Thanks for coming everyone, see you next year!!

Monday, January 13


I've been having fun with bird tiles!! A couple broke in the firing and I used those for mosaics!! The others I'm putting on slate for hanging. All hand made and hand painted! You can find them in my etsy shop! I'm adding new ones tomorrow!!

Thursday, December 19


Hand made and painted tiles from earthenware clay. 4"x4". I used to have a tile business. I started out that way. I painted for homes, doing murals, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds. Those were fun years and led me to oil painting! I've now gone full circle and back to making and painting tiles!! This is truely fun!!!

Sunday, December 15


10 1/4 " x10 1/4"  mosaic butterfly. Cut out of clay and fired then embellished with vintage and antique shards.  Shand painted pieces complete the design. This was fun!!!

Wednesday, November 27


8" x 8" mosaic heart assembled on a slate heart base. My newest mosaic piece. Cottagy. sealed to be hung in the garden!

Friday, October 18


30x40 oil on canvas      We have a beautiful cove in San Simeon. It's part of Hearst Ranch History. I've walked this many times, painted this from memory. The caves are teeming with life, starfish,muscles,anemones, and watch out , maybe a big sea lion in the back!

Tuesday, September 24


18"x36" copper still life
I'll be doing a workshop in May at Arts Desire in Vancouver Washington! This is a 2 day! Big and lots of fun! I'll be teaching for 4 days there . The two other paintings will be posted on soon!

Wednesday, August 21


24x30 oil on canvas. I'm going to be teaching this painting in a workshop at ART CENTRAL in San Luis Obispo!! This is a 2 day class using oil paint. The 25th and 26th of October. I will teach a measuring technique to draw and we will use a limited palette. Please email me if you would like to participate and I will send you particulars.  Thank you!!

Saturday, July 20


12x12" o/p on linen BIG brush, Alotta paint and alotta fun!!! Old houses, gardens, roses, lavender, love,love!

Thursday, July 18


12x12" oil painting on linen.. This is painted from a photo my friend Carolyn posted on face book. I just loved it and had to paint it!! Thank you Carolyn!!


6x6" oil on board. Yes, she is very, very smart and extremely wise!!

Wednesday, July 17


12"x12" oil on linen .    I love this 12x12 inch size for landscapes. Makes it fun, like a window.

Friday, July 12


12"x12" oil on Linen. I love rock formations , this was just begging me to paint it!!

Wednesday, July 10


5"x5" oil on board                            Crow with Heart !

Wednesday, July 3


8"x10" oil painting on canvas. It's good to be King! I love painting crows! He's flying to the Chambers Gallery in Cambria!!

Tuesday, July 2


6"x6" oil painting on board. I'm still playing with ideas. When I get in a bind I go back to still life. This was fun. I'm still in a block, trying to paint my way out. Painted a couple of crows too. Post soon.

Monday, June 24

Summer Straw

12"x12" oil painting on linen canvas.

I've been experimenting! I found some Cray-Pas in a drawer that I had long forgotten about. Cray-Pas are oil painting sticks. I thought it would be fun to use them both, brush and painting stick in a painting and it was! I've been wanting to paint some faces in a loose style and as fun as this was it takes me back to my doll painting days....I'm going to work on this!!!!

Friday, June 21

Pique Assiette

A change of pace. Working on my hearts and crosses in the studio for the Chambers Gallery in Cambria. These are tiny, 2" to 4" . A couple more and they are ready to grout! Fun to make, on my clay base.

Friday, June 14


16x20 oil on canvas. I love this little bird! Fun to paint, loving pink and green as I do!

Friday, June 7


16x20 oil on canvas   I love the color of this little bird! Or I should say colors!!

Sunday, June 2

My o my! Holly Hocks are in bloom and I just had to post them!! I planted them from seeds I gathered in a friends garden and I am so excited to see them come up! There are some peachy colored ones I'm hoping to see soon and a sort of soft yellow. These are tall and just beautiful!

Saturday, May 25

Wednesday, May 22


16"x20" oil on canvas.   I just love their little faces!!!

Thursday, May 16


16"x20" oil on canvas. This is a larger canvas and a larger bird! Fun to paint the birds BIG! I'm going to paint a series of these too!

Monday, May 13


6"x6" and 5"x7" oil on panel  new birds flying off to Cambria to the Chambers Gallery !!!

Monday, May 6


Oil on panel. 6"x6" and 5"x7". Two more paintings done for the Chambers Gallery in Cambria! A bit more drying time for these, it's raining here today!