Saturday, July 16


8"x8" pique assiette heart. Glass , handmade,imagery, porcelain,pottery and vintage shards for this one. For the love of family!   SOLD!!

Thursday, July 14


8"x8" heart, pique assiette. Hand made, original design embellished with vintage pottery and hand made porcelain clay and earthen ware clay tiles and my hand painted imagery.
I must paint today!! These hearts are addictive! I love making them and this green so fun! I finally found some green pottery and between my sister, my mom and friends and a nice little second hand shop here I was able to complete this one!! This heart is SOLD!!

Monday, July 11


8"x8" heart  piqueassiette.
Newest heart just finished this morning. More fun!! Made on my clay fired base. Scalloped and embellished with hand made painted pieces and shards. Grouted with  a fine linen colored grout and sealed with a water proof sealer. I was given a wonderful piece to use for shards in blue and white (thanks Lynn) and found some gorgeous blue at a sale! Now I'm on the hunt for green!! Any body?? Seem's I'm always looking for GREEN!!
You can find this and other hearts at my etsy store.  SOLD!